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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Feet! :)

Look at my dancing feet! Earlier this summer, while hanging with the homie @williamyan , I saw these awesome sandals with drawn fingers from Camper Shoes at the SoHo store. It's really funky and it looked awesome on my feets! It sucks because I passed on them which I now sadly regret since they're no longer at the store! I guess it's ok since Summer is ending and I should really plan for Fall.

(pic taken via iPhone at the store)

Then here comes Comme Des Garçons with these nifty Gold Toes lace-up shoes for F/W '10. Fancy! Flesh tone with red polished toes drawn on them.

LINK: Colette

Love the two interpretations from two different designers. I don't think everyone can pull this off, but to each its own right? Definately not your average pair of everyday shoes. They're abstract works of art and are for the creative. Would you rock it?

Work It Ri Ri!

Good gosh!! How fierce does Rihanna look in this month's cover of Vogue Italia?! Singer and model? I like!

Link: Just Jared

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Candy Wax Fangs by Groovy Candies

September is a creepin', and then BAM! it's finally Halloween! I'm going to get my vampire costume on and get me some cherry flavored wax fangs to complete my look! Buy a box of 24 for $18.95 and roll with your coven or just buy one for yourself for $0.99! When the night is done, chew it like gum!

LINK: Groovy Candies

Vampires Can Be Funny!

Want to take a break from reading the Twilight Saga and Southern Vampire Mystery: Sookie Stackhouse Series books? Need a new vampire book that's different? Are you looking for a good vampy laugh?! I got the right book just for you. ;) Read these two funny ass books from Christopher Moore titled Bloodsucking Fiends and the follow-up book You Suck: A Love Story. Basically the first book is about an aspiring writer, Thomas C. Flood who moves to San Francisco to pursue his dreams and to find the perfect girl. Instead he ends up working the grave yard shift at a local supermarket and meets a thirsty redhead baby vamp (No, not Jessica Hamby from TrueBlood.. hehe) named Jody. Jody uses Tommy as her 'minion' while adjusting to her new vampire lifestyle. They go through crazy adventures trying to dodge Jody's maker, Elijah. Then for the continuing book, Flood wakes up and discovers that he was turned by Jody and it wasn't by choice! He calls her a "bitch" and then their new adventures start all over again. It's pretty hilarzz but I don't want to spoil it and all I have to say is I laughed alot. If you do end up reading it, my favorite character is Abby Normal (from the 2nd book) a 16 year old goth. Read and you'll find out why! Two thumbs up to Christopher Moore for writing these hilarious books! :)

Buy Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck: A Love Story from amazon.com!

Happy Belated Birthday to MJ the King of Pop

Happy Belated Birthday to Michael Jackson the King of Pop who's birthday was yesterday. Even though he's gone- he's definitely not forgotten. After his passing, I've bought a bunch of memorabilia especially the tribute magazine from Time Magazine and People Magazine. I was surfing the net and saw this cool 12" Michael Jackson Billie Jean collectible figure from Hong Kong based toy company, Hot Toys. Now awhile back, Hypebeast posted the Thriller version, but they didn't mention the Billie Jean figure! I dig the Billie Jean version because it was the first time he introduced the Moon Walk and I LOVE the video. So my brother was telling me how to do the moon walk. He said it's all about sliding your heel starting with your left then the right heel follows. I kept trying to do it but never quite got it. *sigh* Anyway, since I can't do the moon walk- with this cool collectible, I can pose Michael to do it instead! I'll leave it to the legend himself. The package comes complete with MJ's trademark sequined white glove and black coat, white socks, black shoes, hat, microphone, and a set of interchangeable hands! It was supposedly released March 2009 and was only available in HK and Japan although I'm sure there's a few floating around on ebay but probably ridiculously expensive (I saw one for approximately $1K). This is perfect for the die hard Michael Jackson fan!

LINK: Hot Toys

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Through the Wire

Barbed Wire accessories are cool. Check out his and hers interpreted by two different designers from two different seasons:

HIS - Martin Margiela - F/W '09

LINK: IKilledVersace

HERS - Burberry - F/W '10

LINK: Burberry UK

Hey There Stud!

When you think of Christian Louboutin shoes, you think of sexy heels with "red bottoms" (as per Jay-Z). Who would think they can pull off flats like these! It's the fab & trendy Rollerball Loafers to suit your stud fetish and your dose of androgynous fashion. I really dig the way they remixed a casual leather loafer into something rocker chic! You can pre-order your pair at Saks for a $995 price tag.

LINK: Saks Fifth Avenue

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hail Jason Stackhouse!

OH EM GEE! Ryan Kwanten aka as Jason Stackhouse from the HBO Series, TrueBlood has now graced the pages of GQ Magazine on this month’s September issue. Why was all my attention focused on Alexander Skarsgard (he plays Eric Northman in the series FYI) when Jason was here all the time?! A-Skars must’ve just glamoured me I guess? Check out my homage to Jason Stackhouse from last night’s spectacular episode 10 where he truly shined. Not only did he save Sam Merlotte, but he also fooled the zombie’d out people of BonTemps by acting as the fake god- Dionysus. I guess Jason isn’t so dumb and self-centered after all. He cares for his town and is built for battle! Am I the only one that feels he doesn’t get as much shine as the other characters? Being Sookie’s brother is definitely not an insignificant role. I just don’t hear as much buzz on him. Don’t worry Jason, I GOT YOU BOO! ;) You look awesome in your photo shoot and the styling is fab! Hey Looking good Jason! Mmm..hmm.. ;) If you need someone to fill the void from your previous relationship with Amy Burley- my name is Aimee too, but spelled differently ;) Enjoy the pics ladies!

LINK: GQ via men.style.com

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Eric and Aimee Sookie Bond

Last week, I was devastated when my boo boo Godric made his last appearance in the TrueBlood series. I really wanted to blog about him again but because of my special bond to Eric, I'm going to have to convert back to Team Eric because I love me some Viking! So it seems that Eric managed to trick Sookie to suck his blood. What does this exactly mean? Well- they will now be connected and Eric will know where Sookie is at all times as well as know her inner emotions. Of course Boring Bill wasn't too happy about this and sucker punched Eric. Poor Bill.. but at the end of the day the Viking got what he wanted. Despite being called an "a-hole" or a "monster" there was still a smile on Eric Northman's face. Here's a message to Eric, if Sookie wasn't willing to suck your blood. I'll do it!! "EYE VANT TO SUK YER BLUD!" (Dracula voice) haha

So the highlight of this week's episode was Sookie's dream sequence. Now ladies- how hot and steamy was her dream!? When I saw Alexander Skarsgard's naked body, I just wanted to press pause and stare at all his body's perfections. I really wish that I was Anna Paquin at that moment in the bed with satin sheets and Alexander touching my curves. But let's keep it PG-13 and i'll keep my thoughts to myself.. haha

I feel that this "bond" between Eric and Sookie was introduced too early for the tv series in comparison to the book (atleast from what I remember). Eric and Sookie look great together and you could see that there's chemistry cooking between the two. It's actually more exciting to watch than Bill and Sookie. Anyway, one thing got me puzzled. In the dream sequence, Eric talks about Sookie's qualities and why she'd make a great vampire. Then on episode 8, when talking about a maker's bond with his/her convert, the Viking said something like- "perhaps one day you'll know". So, is there a possibility of Sookie turning into a vampire in the future?!? Will she be converted? Sookie wishing for a conversion was definitely not in the books, that's for sure. The book version of Sookie enjoyed living and did not even think of the option of becoming a vampire. Oh no! Hey Alan Ball- maybe you picked up the wrong book when you wrote the last two episodes. That book is called Twilight. I hope Sookie opposes to be converted or opposes to the thought because she'll end up like Bella from Twilight. HAHA. Bella got pretty annoying when she kept begging Edward to turn her. Oh hell no! Not my Sookie. She's a strong character and she doesn't play games. Sookie is definately a G! Did you see how she stood up to Lorena, Bill's maker?! Now Sook is definately not a Bella type. Oh HELL NO!

In sum- great episode! Can't wait for tomorrow! Alexander Skarsgard is a GOD. Now I wish I had an Alexander and Aimee bond. It seems like everyone's getting a bite out of him. First Lady Gaga in the Paparazzi music video and then Anna Paquin. When will I get my turn!?!

Friday, August 21, 2009


So yesterday I was with my shopping buddy and bff @keefwasheretoo to check out the Barney's Warehouse Sale. We usually go the first day and then wait a day or two before the sale ends to bargain hunt because prices go down. This time around- they really tried to organize. I like how they sectioned off the racks by designer. It makes looking a little bit easier, but of course because it's a mad house, it's not going to stay organized like that! Nonetheless- there's a few goodies but you really have to take some time and rummage through the racks and bins. Pretty good shoe selection for the ladies- some brands we saw were: Balenciaga, Junya Watanabe, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Costume National, Margiela, Manolo Blahnik, Marc Jacobs, Robert Clergerie, YSL, Giuseppe Zanotti, Pierre Hardy... For the fellas...
BARNEY'S WAREHOUSE SALE (up to 50-70% off designer clothes!)
from now until Monday, September 7th
Weekdays, 10am-9pm
Weekends & September 7th, 10am-7pm
255 W. 17th Street
(Between 7th and 8th Ave)
212.450.8400Maybe you'll see me there! :) Happy shopping!

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! Um no? It's a Freakin' Possum!!

After a night out with my Dad, we discovered this friendly little creature lurking by our front steps to greet us. Last week- my Mom was complaining about something that kept crawling inside our garbage can and making a nasty mess... She had no idea what it was. I guess we solved the problem. It's the freaking Possum! It kind of looks like a big rat doesn't it? I have a phobia for rats ever since a little incident that happened to me when I was younger in the Philippines. It was close to New Year's Day and my cousins thought it was fun to put fireworks (paputok in tagalog) inside the little holes in the garden. As a few exploded, rats started coming out of nowhere and running scared. Mind you- we had plant racks welded onto the wall. So rats just started running wild across the plant racks. I realized that it was a bad idea to be in the garden that day because all of a sudden a rat jumped from the plant rack trying to land onto the floor and I happen to get in the way! The rat's claws scratched my face! Don't worry guys- I don't have rabies!! You might not believe me but if you ask my parents they'll laugh and tell you it's true. Anyway, back to the story- so as this possum tried to run away from us, it jumped on top of our gate and was chillin' for a good 20 minutes. Me, being the freak that I am, stayed with the night creature because I'm so curious and wanted to play Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to see how he would jump off and started taking pictures at the same time for evidence. Now here I am- blogging about a traumatic childhood experience and sharing a picture of the possum. Isn't he cute? He totally posed for the pic! SYKE!! This sh*t only happens in Staten Island... FUR-REAL!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Fangs Shine Like Glitter

Check out these Silver Glitter Fangs Ring by LA based Jewelry designer, Steven Shein. It's made out of wood- silver in one side and gold on the other. Get yours now for only $19! Perfect for you twi-hards that like em' sparkly like Edward! ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Everybody Look at Me Cause I'm Sailing on a Boat!!!

Boat shoes were such a thing for the boys this summer. Of course, since dressing like a boy is the “in” thing- the ladies want to take a little something from the fellas and make it their own. Check out this beauty from Balenciaga, introducing the “Boat Boot”. Premium leather, lace-up, rounded toe, quilted leather accent and a wrap around belt... I can just imagine myself rocking these for the Fall. Of course I would loosen the laces and not wear them all choked up like the pic. Available for $945 at Barneys. It also comes in white if you're interested. Do you love? Because I LOVE.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Moon: Heart's Desire

I was browsing through Borders during my lunch break and stumbled across these goodies on the Twilight Table- Sky Bar's New Moon: Heart's Desire. It's a creme filled milk chocolate heart available in Bella, Jacob, and Edward wrappers. You can buy it each for $0.79 or buy a pack of 6 for $3.99! It's pretty delish, but the creme filling is a little too sweet for my taste buds(PAUSE). Nonetheless- they're pretty good novelty items to promote the new movie. That's why I got the 6-pack for my fellow twi-hards: @annaWHY and @LadyHood. :)

Defining Twilight?!

Say what?! Learn vocabulary through Twilight? Now I can become a master wordsmith with this 192 page book from Brian Leaf! Ok, I know. It's really a SAT/ACT/GED/SSAT vocabulary work book- but it's an interesting aid to help teens prep for the exam and it's only $10! After you're done with this one, don't fret- the sales associate at barnes and nobles also told me a second volume is due out in October, Defining New Moon

Buy your copy now!

HELLO LOVER: Intsy Wintsy Cupcakes by Baked by Melissa

I'm a cupcake lover. I'm not picky at all... I accept them in all shapes and sizes! Check out these intsy wintsy bite-sized cupcake treats from Baked by Melissa if you're in the Soho area. I got 3 cupcakes for $3 and tried the red velvet, cookies & cream, and cookie dough. They're perfect if you're calorie counting like me! It took me two bites to finish one... but that's because I wanted to savor the goodness. They are pretty expensive but worth every bite! :)

Price List:
3 cupcakes = $3
6 cupcakes = $5.50
12 cupcakes = $10
25 cupcakes = $20
50 cupcakes = $37.50
100 cupcakes = $70

Baked by Melissa
529 Broadway
(Between Spring St & Prince St)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 842-0220

Saturday, August 15, 2009

VIOLETTE: Fangs of New York

Seems like Vashtie likes vamps too! Check out this downtown sweetheart's Violette Summer '09 look book titled "Fangs of New York". My tshirt pick is the Femme V81 tee in lavender. What's yours? :)


(WARNING: If you're currently reading the Southern Vampire Mystery books by Charlaine Harris or you're watching the TrueBlood series on HBO but have not caught up to the most recent episode... there might be some spoilers- so please read at your own risk!)

So I must have watched episode 8, titled "Time Bomb" about five or more times and have been fast-forwarding to all parts with Godric on it. Before the whole Godric crush- I was so totally Team Eric Northman all the way. I mean- Eric is such a cool and collective vamp. What's not to love?! He wears black, looks super tasty in his black tank top and his new hair-do just makes him soo desirable. Besides all his sexiness, he's the HBIC- Sheriff of Louisiana Area 5 and owner of Fangtasia. Who else could be better than Eric?! Then on episode 7, we were introduced to Godric who is Eric's maker in the TrueBlood series. Not to mention he is the Sheriff of Dallas Area 9 and is known as one of the oldest vampires in existence (even older than Jesus?!). Then my heart sank and I fell in LOVE <3.

I read the books awhile ago and from what I remember, Godric was not Eric's maker- it was really Appius and his name was actually Godfrey. In Book 2, Living Dead in Dallas. Sookie described Godfrey as a "short man.. an ancient teenager.. he was blonde and shirtless and his arms and chest were covered with blue tattoos.. with blue eyes.. about sixteen" (pg. 152). Alan Ball pretty much followed Charlaine Harris' description of Godfrey. He casted actor Allan Hyde. Pretty much all is the same at one point or the other except for the blonde hair. I actually like Ball's interpretation of the character as "Godric". He serves as the voice of reason for vampires and believes that humans and vampires can co-exist. He only punishes the ones unworthy (freakin' Gabe!) of life. He might look innocent but he's genuinely full of truth. Here are some quotes from the episode that made me melt:

"Spill no blood on your way out."

"I do not wish to create blood shed that is (uncalled for?). Help me set an example. If we have you in peace, will you (Steve Newlin and the Fellowship of the Sun) do the same?"

"I dare say my faith in human kind is stronger than yours (Steve Newlin)."

"Let's be honest. We (vampires) are frightening. After thousands of years, we haven't evolved. We only grew more brutal, more predatory. I don't see the dangers of treating humans as equals. The Fellowship of the Sun rules because we never did so..."

"I could've killed every last one of them (Fellowship of the Sun) within minutes. Now what would that have proven?"

"You (Lorena) treat her (Sookie) like a child does a dragonfly. Pulling wings out for sport. No wonder humans hate us."

"You've (Lorena) had hundreds of years to better yourself but you haven't. You're still a savage. I fear for all of us- humans and vampires."

Just look at all the things he said in the episode. Isn't he just adorable?! Don't let his young appearance fool you. Since he's an older vampire- he is wiser. He has such charisma and his instinct to rationalize what is right from wrong and his ability to grant his peers the gift of choice makes him so appealing to me and it's the reason why his peers pledge their allegiance to Godric. But if you do read the book, he's such a lost soul- it's kind of sad... I would explain but that's a totally different post.

I hope he survives in Episode 9. I'd love to see him again... Until tomorrow's episode!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday evening, to fulfill my daily dose of something related to vampires- I finally decided to go see Thirst, a horror/drama film by Korean director Park Chan-wook with the homies. Well, Chan-wook is renowned for Old Boy which
is a great psychological movie with a sick and twisted ending that will make you say WHAT THE F%#*?!?! Thirst is a little bit different. Obviously it's a vampire movie because if it wasn't.. I wouldn't be writing about it. DUH! But- this particular movie doesn't conform to your typical vampire stereotype. Ain't no bats, no fangs, no sparkling vamps (sorry Edward), no supes, no garlic, no silver, no stakes, no cross and holy water in this movie!
For a quick synopsis, it's basically about a Catholic priest named Sang-hyun who works as a hospital volunteer. He's surrounded by suffering patients daily. In his efforts to make a difference, he volunteers himself to become infected with a fatal disease called EV. This diseases is similar to leprosy where the host suffers from skin lesions, vomiting of blood, and peeling fingernails (SUPER GROSS!). Anyway- the secret facility he goes to injects him with a vaccine to fight the virus but it fails. In efforts to revive his life- he receives a blood transfusion which saves him. Upon his release, people hear his story and praise him as a healer since he's the only survivor out of 500 volunteers. But you all know that's not the case! He starts noticing changes within himself and his body and begins to question the blood he received from the transfusion. Sang-hyun then concludes that the blood used contained a strain of vampirism. Then the story ties in with other things, he becomes a beast.. blah blah blah.. and finds a way to satiate his "THIRST". I'll leave it at that because I want you all to watch it.
Anyway, the cinematography and imagery is dope. There's lots of gore, so if you have a weak stomach- bring your barf bag. Park Chan-wook's twisted and genius mind adds depth to the plot. *SPOILER* My favorite part of the movie is when he feeds from his patient's IV. Hilarrzz! It had me rolling from laughter at the theatres. Overall- it was a pretty good vampire flick! Thumbs up. Me likey.

If you're in NYC, it's showing at:
143 E. Houston Street
New York, NY 10002

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Tease Me Alex!

Oh Mr. Wang. You done did it again. Teasing me with your creative designs... From the Bianca Vest Bag.. now this?! You're making me want you NOW even more... Sigh* Combat boots are the thing of the season Dah'ling! And these Alexander Wang "Frankie Creeper" boots take the cake! For $522 you get a pointed toe, premium leather, platform sole, fringe, gold buckle & studs all rolled up into one fancy ass lace up combat boot. I die die die.

Available via OAK

A Vampire's Meal!

Yesterday was a pretty long day at work. So on my way home (I go through Bayridge in Brooklyn), I did dinner and a book at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Omiya. I wanted to try something new instead of the usual (Spicy Tuna & Ginza Roll) so while browsing the menu- I got super excited when I saw that they were offering a dish called "Vampire Bowl". Could this be any more perfect since I'm reading Christopher Moore's funny vampire novel called Bloodsucking Fiends?! What a great way to tie my vampire theme together! Anyway- the Vampire Bowl is basically Spicy Tuna Tar Tar (MY FAVE!!) rolled in a ball and stuffed in an avocado bowl on a bed of salad with house special sauce. Their Spicy Tuna Tar Tar is amazingly different because it's mixed with crunchies and it totally adds a whole new texture. The house special sauce drizzled on the plate is creamy yet sweet. You can't go wrong with this meal for $9.95!

8618 4th Avenue
(between 86th & 87th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm the Cookie Queen of the World!!!

I love sweets. I can cook a little, but wasn't too sure about my baking skills. So Saturday late night- I put my skills to the test since I didn't want to just sit around and watch TV, so I decided to bake some cookies. My new concoction... White and Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookie Squares! How fancy!



2 1/4 cup of Flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup butter (softened- about 2 sticks melted)

1 cup sugar

1 cup light brown sugar

2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 large eggs

1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 cup semi-sweet white chocolate chips

1 cup of chopped hazelnuts


Spoon for mixing



Two Bowls

2 Baking Sheets

Cooking Spray

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Add all dry ingredients together in a bowl and stir. Take all wet ingredients and mix together in another bowl- use a whisk to mix. Pour the wet ingredients slowly into the dry mix while stirring slowly to avoid clumps. When the cookie dough is ready, add your chocolate and white chocolate chips slowly and mix. Add the hazelnuts last and stir.

Take your baking sheets and coat them with cooking spray so that the cookies won't stick. Use your teaspoon to create little balls and space them evenly in a pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes (depends on your oven). After baking, let them cool & enjoy! :)

FYI: My cookies were meant to be circle bite sized treats, but I placed them closely together on the baking sheet. So as they baked, they came out more square-shaped rather than circular. Nonetheless- they still tasted great and their new shape added character to the cookies! Bad mistake turned good I guess. :) Also when buying your chocolates, try buying ghirardelli chocolate chips because their chocolates are just awesome. They cost about $3.75-$3.99 a bag but they're so worth it!

Ok- going to get ready to drop some cookies off to @keefwasheretoo & @williamyan! Hope they like it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Howling Wolves...

Full moon. Plotting to take over the world via Union Square steps.