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Saturday, August 15, 2009


(WARNING: If you're currently reading the Southern Vampire Mystery books by Charlaine Harris or you're watching the TrueBlood series on HBO but have not caught up to the most recent episode... there might be some spoilers- so please read at your own risk!)

So I must have watched episode 8, titled "Time Bomb" about five or more times and have been fast-forwarding to all parts with Godric on it. Before the whole Godric crush- I was so totally Team Eric Northman all the way. I mean- Eric is such a cool and collective vamp. What's not to love?! He wears black, looks super tasty in his black tank top and his new hair-do just makes him soo desirable. Besides all his sexiness, he's the HBIC- Sheriff of Louisiana Area 5 and owner of Fangtasia. Who else could be better than Eric?! Then on episode 7, we were introduced to Godric who is Eric's maker in the TrueBlood series. Not to mention he is the Sheriff of Dallas Area 9 and is known as one of the oldest vampires in existence (even older than Jesus?!). Then my heart sank and I fell in LOVE <3.

I read the books awhile ago and from what I remember, Godric was not Eric's maker- it was really Appius and his name was actually Godfrey. In Book 2, Living Dead in Dallas. Sookie described Godfrey as a "short man.. an ancient teenager.. he was blonde and shirtless and his arms and chest were covered with blue tattoos.. with blue eyes.. about sixteen" (pg. 152). Alan Ball pretty much followed Charlaine Harris' description of Godfrey. He casted actor Allan Hyde. Pretty much all is the same at one point or the other except for the blonde hair. I actually like Ball's interpretation of the character as "Godric". He serves as the voice of reason for vampires and believes that humans and vampires can co-exist. He only punishes the ones unworthy (freakin' Gabe!) of life. He might look innocent but he's genuinely full of truth. Here are some quotes from the episode that made me melt:

"Spill no blood on your way out."

"I do not wish to create blood shed that is (uncalled for?). Help me set an example. If we have you in peace, will you (Steve Newlin and the Fellowship of the Sun) do the same?"

"I dare say my faith in human kind is stronger than yours (Steve Newlin)."

"Let's be honest. We (vampires) are frightening. After thousands of years, we haven't evolved. We only grew more brutal, more predatory. I don't see the dangers of treating humans as equals. The Fellowship of the Sun rules because we never did so..."

"I could've killed every last one of them (Fellowship of the Sun) within minutes. Now what would that have proven?"

"You (Lorena) treat her (Sookie) like a child does a dragonfly. Pulling wings out for sport. No wonder humans hate us."

"You've (Lorena) had hundreds of years to better yourself but you haven't. You're still a savage. I fear for all of us- humans and vampires."

Just look at all the things he said in the episode. Isn't he just adorable?! Don't let his young appearance fool you. Since he's an older vampire- he is wiser. He has such charisma and his instinct to rationalize what is right from wrong and his ability to grant his peers the gift of choice makes him so appealing to me and it's the reason why his peers pledge their allegiance to Godric. But if you do read the book, he's such a lost soul- it's kind of sad... I would explain but that's a totally different post.

I hope he survives in Episode 9. I'd love to see him again... Until tomorrow's episode!


  1. I have a MAJOR crush on Godric(Godfrey). He is an over all good character. And Allan Hyde potrays Godric very well.