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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday evening, to fulfill my daily dose of something related to vampires- I finally decided to go see Thirst, a horror/drama film by Korean director Park Chan-wook with the homies. Well, Chan-wook is renowned for Old Boy which
is a great psychological movie with a sick and twisted ending that will make you say WHAT THE F%#*?!?! Thirst is a little bit different. Obviously it's a vampire movie because if it wasn't.. I wouldn't be writing about it. DUH! But- this particular movie doesn't conform to your typical vampire stereotype. Ain't no bats, no fangs, no sparkling vamps (sorry Edward), no supes, no garlic, no silver, no stakes, no cross and holy water in this movie!
For a quick synopsis, it's basically about a Catholic priest named Sang-hyun who works as a hospital volunteer. He's surrounded by suffering patients daily. In his efforts to make a difference, he volunteers himself to become infected with a fatal disease called EV. This diseases is similar to leprosy where the host suffers from skin lesions, vomiting of blood, and peeling fingernails (SUPER GROSS!). Anyway- the secret facility he goes to injects him with a vaccine to fight the virus but it fails. In efforts to revive his life- he receives a blood transfusion which saves him. Upon his release, people hear his story and praise him as a healer since he's the only survivor out of 500 volunteers. But you all know that's not the case! He starts noticing changes within himself and his body and begins to question the blood he received from the transfusion. Sang-hyun then concludes that the blood used contained a strain of vampirism. Then the story ties in with other things, he becomes a beast.. blah blah blah.. and finds a way to satiate his "THIRST". I'll leave it at that because I want you all to watch it.
Anyway, the cinematography and imagery is dope. There's lots of gore, so if you have a weak stomach- bring your barf bag. Park Chan-wook's twisted and genius mind adds depth to the plot. *SPOILER* My favorite part of the movie is when he feeds from his patient's IV. Hilarrzz! It had me rolling from laughter at the theatres. Overall- it was a pretty good vampire flick! Thumbs up. Me likey.

If you're in NYC, it's showing at:
143 E. Houston Street
New York, NY 10002

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  1. Now THIS is the kind of vampire movie I want to see. Can't wait to check it out.