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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baggy Blues...

I have a thing for harem pants or drop crotch pants. I don't know why but it's just more comfortable than wearing tight pants. I was always one of those girls that rocked baggy jeans in the 90's.. maybe that's why I can't phase out my baggy blues. I know I'm short and it doesn't always look right... so I have to be selective when wearing it but I think it's great to feel comfortable with what you wear. I'd love to have these Henrik Vibskov Collective Trousers. It's a cross between a wrap around skirt and harem pants. The ribbed leg keeps the pants from "looking funny" or for a better term- balanced. I mean some people might think these pants already look funny it is but I heart it. Cool beans Henrik! ;)

LINK: Aloha Rag

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Almost Time!!!

YAY!!! Besides October being my birthday month ;) I've been looking forward to Tuesday, October 6th. Why? Um.. hello!! A Touch of Dead comes out! If you know me well, I've finished ALL 9 of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries books. I'm a fiend- YES. Ever since May, I've been itching for Charlaine Harris to drop another book already! This book is going to be a little different though. It's a bunch of Sookie short stories. Can't wait to see what these short stories actually entail. Perhaps Harris can elaborate some things that we really want to know... like Sookie's "gift", her fairy lineage, and the most sought question ever- is it Bill or Eric? I'm so hyped. I totally pre-ordered my copy from Borders and so should you!

Note to Charlaine Harris: Loved your cameo in the Season 2 Finale of TrueBlood!! ;)

LINK: Charlaine Harris

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EVENT: VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors Pre-Party @ Touch Night Club NYC

Yesterday I decided to come out from hiding to attend DJ Enuff's VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors Pre-Party honoring 25 years of Def Jam Records at Touch Night Club in NYC. Doors opened early and the drinks were flowing with Ty-Ku liquor up to a certain time... the Rapper's Delight mix was awesome! Performances were dope. Heavy Hitter DJ Enuff invited talented up and coming artists (Mickey Factz, Torae & Skyzoo, XV and J.Cole) to bless the stage with their renditions of their favorite Def Jam artist's hit joints as well as to perform their new singles. Ghostface was the main performer of the night but I missed him because it takes me forever to troop it back home. I'll catch you another time Ghost!

Here's some pics from the event:
Open Bar Drink Menu from Ty-Ku

Rapper's Delight Mix Drink! :)

DJ KO x William Yan

My boys: Rah-Lo , KO & Marl

Mickey Factz as Slick Rick the Ruler

Torae & Skyzoo as Red & Meth

XV as Warren G (to my surprise, he's Warren G's nephew!)

Rotten Apple Chicks: DJ Lady Chellez (it was her birthday!) and Laura Stylez

My besties: Keith, Lady Chellez and William Yan (UNK!)

Me and Lady Chellez

J.Cole as Jay-Z

Special appearance from the Duffle Bag Boys, Playaz Circle

Me and J.Cole. It's pretty funny because as we left the venue, I actually ran into J.Cole in the street. I was mad hype to see him so I flapped (my noisy sandals) my way to stop him for a picture. Keith and Willy Yan were laughing at me! :-( J.Cole was laughing himself but was nice enough to flick it up with me. He's the truth.. move over Drake.. I'm calling it! Everyday.. a STAR is Born- so clap for em'

Shouts to the cats I chilled with and seen for a hot minute last night: @almightydjko, @keefwasheretoo from anotherfashioninterpreter, Mr. @williamyan(.com), Rah-Lo, Marl, @HasanInsane, @SaintsNSoldiers dope hair!, @LAURASTYLEZ (nice to meet you finally), and last but not least- the birthday girl and best female DJ ever- @LadyChellez

Make sure you guys watch the 2009 VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors Show on Tuesday, October 13th, at 9 pm ET/PT. Check your local listings!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Finger Rings and Gold Teeth, and Ain't Afraid to Hold Heat...

Vampire Desire 3-finger Ring
"Two Finger Rings and Gold Teeth, and Ain't Afraid to Hold Heat..." - Raekwon, Ice Cream
Check out this super dope 3-finger vampire ring from NY based jewelry designer, VeraMeat. It's so amazing! I need to get rid of my 2-finger name ring and get this upgrade immediately! VeraMeat has some super cool and eclectic jewelry available too if you're not into the whole vampire theme. Her accessories are available in copper, silver and gold. Super well-made and individually crafted. Plus, I knew this artist's pieces looked familiar because I've seen Khloe Kardashian (my favorite whoadie) wearing her jewelry on her reality tv show, Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami. Amazing stuff!

Here are some of her vamp inspired pieces and some of my faves:
Vampire Love 2-finger Ring (for those that can handle only 2 fingers and not 3.. LOL)

Dead or Alive Necklace (It's not only a necklace but converts to a wearable vampire grill! SICK!)

Would you rock it? Cause I SOOO WOULD!

Shouts to my homegirl and jewelry designer extraordinaire Justine Sherry of dinosaursofnewyork for sending me this link! She's always on the look out for super dope accessories! Check out her blog, I also got two awesome pieces from her this week that I'll be posting soon so be on the look out! ;)

LINK: VeraMeat via dinosaursinnewyork

Friday, September 18, 2009

Megan Fox is a Different Kind of Vampire

Megan Fox is definitely one sexy b*tch... but her latest movie, Jennifer's Body sucks! Ok I know in your mind you're probably like "what did you expect?" and I agree because the movie trailer didn't exactly sell the movie to me but I had to try it because 1) it's supposedly a vampire flick and 2) because Diablo Cody wrote the script. If you guys aren't aware of who Diablo Cody is- she's the screen writer for Juno (one of my most favorite movie of all time). Yes I was highly disappointed and was only able to endure it because Cody's humor is just fun-tazz fo-shiz! I also giggled a bit and the extra gore helped. It was also a plus to see J.K. Simmons (played Juno's Dad) and Charlyne Yi (played Jodi the Asian Chick in Knocked Up & Paper Heart who I kind of look like? or looks like me? LOL) Now I won't give you a synopsis because I only recommend it if you're a M.Fox lover. If you want to know why I think Megan Fox is a different kind of vampire- well, then watch it to see why! (but don't tell me I didn't warn you!) :-X

Retail Fix: Topshop x Christopher Kane

So I've always wanted the Christopher Kane Gorilla dress when I first fell in love with it while strolling along Barneys but never had the will power to spend money on it. I dwell on my dream dress up to this day... but alas, I waited patiently and settled for the next best thing- the Topshop x Christopher Kane collection. I totally forgot today was the launch until it popped into my mind during lunch (thank God I got out of work early today)! I jetted to Soho to view the collection and was hoping to buy the Crocodile Tee or dress if there were still any left and there was!! :) I got the tee because the dress is too long for a shorty like me. Kinda fits like a dress anyway! The fabrics used for the collection is fab, not dingy or cheaply made. Lots of eyelets, gems, embellishments and sheer! My manager friend (hi!) told me that there were about 40 people scattered around in front of the store before opening. When the doors opened- game faces for some serious shopping! There's plenty of dresses/shirts/bottom still left so head on over to Topshop Soho if you're in NY, their stores in London or Topshop.com- well worth it for the fashion recessionistas craving for Christopher Kane designed pieces (price ranges from $90-$360). Plus they give you an awesome crocodile shopping bag and stickers for every purchase while supplies last! ;)

Go get your fix:
Topshop Soho
478 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
visit Topshop.com

What Came in the Mail: The Tao of Wu

Thanks to Mr. Venzon over at Penguin Group for sending me an early copy of The Tao of Wu! Book review to follow before it hits the shelves on October 15th!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gold Plated Staples

Who would think that gold staples can add a flare to your daily ensemble? Forget studs, staples are the new "in" thing just cause they're easier to work with! ;) Check out these 14 karat gold plated staples from Dutch Design house, Oooms. You can load these babies into any stapler and let your creativity run wild! From lapels to collars to sneakers... your options are endless- but make sure not to waste it because it's €140 (approximately $205). Yikes.

LINK: Oooms

Stripe and Pleats Pleeaaseee..

I just love bags and best of all, I heart Henrik Vibskov- especially in stripe and pleats! This super cute slouch bag can be carried either by hand, over the shoulder or as a back pack for different looks! Its detailed accordion pleat cotton material in black and grey is the essential “on the go bag”. It’s for the daring male or female (gotta love Vibskov's unisex flare) and is sure to catch a few gazes! Nothing like a simple cotton bag to jazzy up your outfit. :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

OMG! Christoper Moore is the GREATEST!!

Lookie lookie! Yesterday, I found one of my new favorite writers, Christopher Moore aka @TheAuthorGuy via twitter. I gave him the link to my Vampires Can Be Funny post for his two books Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck: A Love Story and he read it! He totally DM'd me and confirmed that there will be a continuing third book titled, Bite Me: A Love Story (which I knew but didn't want to post yet because there's no artwork for the cover) from the San Francisco Vampire Series. This book will be about Chet, the huge shaved cat. Guess what? He's a vampire cat now and he's menacing the streets of San Francisco! Whoa, vampire cat? That should be interesting! My favorite goth, Abby Normal also returns. Pre-order your copy NOW.

I highly suggest that you follow @TheAuthorGuy on twitter. If you've read all his books or if you're part of his cult following, check out his super funny blog!

Special thanks to my cuzzo, @larue823 for suggesting CM books!

Note to Chris Moore: Thanks for making amazingly hilarious books. I got started with the San Francisco Vampire Series and am currently reading Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal with A Dirty Job next on my book list. Your books are like CRACK and I can not stop reading them. Thanks for DM'ing me. This gesture really put a smile on my face and I can see that you value your readers. Promise that I will be going through all the books that you have written and will be reading them all. Can't wait until April, I MUST pre-order! Thanks for making my day! :)

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

Hooray for zombies! Check out this cute little zombie plush that you can mutilate to your heart's desire. Tear out its limbs, throw around its little brain, play with his intestines, pose him any way you like... this fun 12" zombie would be perfect for any fanatic and available for only $12.99! Kind of wish there was a girl version for a complete set. Super cute!

LINK: ThinkGeek via BuyZombie.com

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ooh La La! Queen Sophie Ann Leclerq is Très Chic!

I present you the beautiful actress Evan Rachel Wood who plays Sophie Ann Leclerq, the Queen of Louisiana in the HBO series True Blood. She first made her appearance in the episode "Frenzy" and has caused quite a stir. Sophie Ann's first scene is of her sucking Sookie's cousin Hadley's femoral artery. What an introduction huh? She plays a bi-curious 1,100 year old french vampire with impeccable class and style! Her character is totally fab and Hollywood! Kind of reminds me of Marilyn Monroe if she were a red-head. What do you think? She's totally outspoken and I was dying of laughter when she told Vampire Bill that he and Eric Northman have too much tension and that they should just f*ck each other and she can watch. So hilarz! Gaudy jewelry, fancy mansion, heavy security, human "pets".. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Queen!

Umm.. is that an issue of Vogue in your hand? Anna Wintour would be proud! ;)

So rumor has it that Evan Rachel Wood is dating Alexander Skarsgard? OMG I'm so jealous!

Breathers: A Zombie's Lament

If you've been reading my blog, you all now I LOVE vampire related things but now I have a new fixation, Zombies! How did it happen? Well, two weeks ago, I was browsing through the vampire table filled with Twilight and Southern Vampire Mysteries books at Strand and I came across this book, Breathers: A Zombie's Lament by S.G. Browne. It looked appealing judging by its cover, so I read the back and a minute later- impulse buy.

So what is it about? In a society that no longer considers zombies as humans, Andy Warner feels lost and frustrated. He wakes up and discovers that he has reanimated after a fatal car crash that kills his beloved wife and leaves him unable to speak. Because he stinks, his parents move him to the wine cellar to isolate him. To seek haven, Andy attends an undead anonymous support group and uses a dry erase board hanging from his neck to interact with fellow zombies. He meets Rita, his future love interest who is a 20 something year old stitched-up suicide victim that eats lipstick to stop herself from decomposing and Jerry, a porn addict and stoner who becomes Andy’s closest friend. Through trials and tribulations they find comfort within each other and go through an unforgettable and quite hilarious journey. Gore, humor, love, friendship, zombie barbecues, shampoo consumption, venison for eats, hanging flesh, and civil rights … a great quick read that only took me two days! Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament is a MUST read so buy it now! Who knew Zombies can be funny too?

Also check out this spoof ad from a zombie anti-depressant called NECROBUFRIN promoting the book. Hilarzz!

Also, follow the author @s_g_browne via twitter!

SOURCE: Undead Anonymous

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HELLO LOVER: Sink Your Teeth Into Some TrueBlood Cupcakes

I have a thing for cupcakes and vampires- and I'm not ashamed of it! I was browsing for cupcake ideas and recipes and came across these SUPER AWESOME TrueBlood Cupcakes. OMG! I want to make these. It would be ideal for this Sunday's Season 2 finale. It's done with perfection and not only do the cupcakes look delish, they look FLAWLESS! Props to an artistic baker named Katipeck

It Hurts So Good...
The Merlotte's "Shifter" Cupcake
The Fangtasia "Fangbanger" Cupcake (My FAVE!)
The AVL's "Pro Vamps Rights" Cupcake

P.S. I named the cupcake, it's not really what they're called! LOL What about Fellowship of the Sun cupcakes?! I'm sure that won't be a fave. HAHA!

LINK: All Things Cupcake

Move Over Vamps, Zombies Are Taking Over!

As you guys know, I watch a lot of tv. I saw a commercial for this upcoming comedy about zombies, Zombieland. Usually when it comes to zombies, I think of George Romero's classic, Night of the Living Dead or the movie 28 Days Later . Totally scary and totally awesome at the same time! Maybe it's the gore? This new movie should be exciting. Supposedly, America is plagued by zombies and actor Woody Harrelson aka Tallahassee fights off the living dead with a group of survivors. The group lands themselves in a theme park (hence the name of the movie) for safety but instead finds themselves surrounded by creepy zombies. Funny man Jesse Eisenberg, you may know him from the cool movie Adventureland with K-Stew is part of the cast. Bill Murray will also be in the movie playing the role of a zombie. It looks pretty hilarz and I want to watch it. Do you? It premieres October 2nd at a theatre near you!

Watch the trailer:

LINK: Zombieland, or you can follow @ZombieLand via twitter!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Favorite Hue is Jay-Z Blue

Did you cop Jay-Z's newest album, The Blue Print 3? Well I did! I had to get it the day the album dropped. It's my consolation prize because my friends and I weren't able to pick up tickets for his concert at MSG for Fuse Network. It's all good though. I've been to a bunch of Jay-Z concerts in my lifetime (heh, no pun intended). Can't wait to get home and upload it on my iPhone. I saw a buncha tweeters who got their early copy and was rubbing it in! :-P So far, die-hard Jigga fans are giving it the thumbs up! Let's run this town tonight and see! ;)

Cough up a lung... Where I'm from... Marcy son! Ain't nuttin' nice!!

Buy your copy at BestBuy for $9.99 this week!!

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