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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EVENT: VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors Pre-Party @ Touch Night Club NYC

Yesterday I decided to come out from hiding to attend DJ Enuff's VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors Pre-Party honoring 25 years of Def Jam Records at Touch Night Club in NYC. Doors opened early and the drinks were flowing with Ty-Ku liquor up to a certain time... the Rapper's Delight mix was awesome! Performances were dope. Heavy Hitter DJ Enuff invited talented up and coming artists (Mickey Factz, Torae & Skyzoo, XV and J.Cole) to bless the stage with their renditions of their favorite Def Jam artist's hit joints as well as to perform their new singles. Ghostface was the main performer of the night but I missed him because it takes me forever to troop it back home. I'll catch you another time Ghost!

Here's some pics from the event:
Open Bar Drink Menu from Ty-Ku

Rapper's Delight Mix Drink! :)

DJ KO x William Yan

My boys: Rah-Lo , KO & Marl

Mickey Factz as Slick Rick the Ruler

Torae & Skyzoo as Red & Meth

XV as Warren G (to my surprise, he's Warren G's nephew!)

Rotten Apple Chicks: DJ Lady Chellez (it was her birthday!) and Laura Stylez

My besties: Keith, Lady Chellez and William Yan (UNK!)

Me and Lady Chellez

J.Cole as Jay-Z

Special appearance from the Duffle Bag Boys, Playaz Circle

Me and J.Cole. It's pretty funny because as we left the venue, I actually ran into J.Cole in the street. I was mad hype to see him so I flapped (my noisy sandals) my way to stop him for a picture. Keith and Willy Yan were laughing at me! :-( J.Cole was laughing himself but was nice enough to flick it up with me. He's the truth.. move over Drake.. I'm calling it! Everyday.. a STAR is Born- so clap for em'

Shouts to the cats I chilled with and seen for a hot minute last night: @almightydjko, @keefwasheretoo from anotherfashioninterpreter, Mr. @williamyan(.com), Rah-Lo, Marl, @HasanInsane, @SaintsNSoldiers dope hair!, @LAURASTYLEZ (nice to meet you finally), and last but not least- the birthday girl and best female DJ ever- @LadyChellez

Make sure you guys watch the 2009 VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors Show on Tuesday, October 13th, at 9 pm ET/PT. Check your local listings!

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