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Friday, September 18, 2009

Megan Fox is a Different Kind of Vampire

Megan Fox is definitely one sexy b*tch... but her latest movie, Jennifer's Body sucks! Ok I know in your mind you're probably like "what did you expect?" and I agree because the movie trailer didn't exactly sell the movie to me but I had to try it because 1) it's supposedly a vampire flick and 2) because Diablo Cody wrote the script. If you guys aren't aware of who Diablo Cody is- she's the screen writer for Juno (one of my most favorite movie of all time). Yes I was highly disappointed and was only able to endure it because Cody's humor is just fun-tazz fo-shiz! I also giggled a bit and the extra gore helped. It was also a plus to see J.K. Simmons (played Juno's Dad) and Charlyne Yi (played Jodi the Asian Chick in Knocked Up & Paper Heart who I kind of look like? or looks like me? LOL) Now I won't give you a synopsis because I only recommend it if you're a M.Fox lover. If you want to know why I think Megan Fox is a different kind of vampire- well, then watch it to see why! (but don't tell me I didn't warn you!) :-X

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