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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Move Over Vamps, Zombies Are Taking Over!

As you guys know, I watch a lot of tv. I saw a commercial for this upcoming comedy about zombies, Zombieland. Usually when it comes to zombies, I think of George Romero's classic, Night of the Living Dead or the movie 28 Days Later . Totally scary and totally awesome at the same time! Maybe it's the gore? This new movie should be exciting. Supposedly, America is plagued by zombies and actor Woody Harrelson aka Tallahassee fights off the living dead with a group of survivors. The group lands themselves in a theme park (hence the name of the movie) for safety but instead finds themselves surrounded by creepy zombies. Funny man Jesse Eisenberg, you may know him from the cool movie Adventureland with K-Stew is part of the cast. Bill Murray will also be in the movie playing the role of a zombie. It looks pretty hilarz and I want to watch it. Do you? It premieres October 2nd at a theatre near you!

Watch the trailer:

LINK: Zombieland, or you can follow @ZombieLand via twitter!

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