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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ooh La La! Queen Sophie Ann Leclerq is Très Chic!

I present you the beautiful actress Evan Rachel Wood who plays Sophie Ann Leclerq, the Queen of Louisiana in the HBO series True Blood. She first made her appearance in the episode "Frenzy" and has caused quite a stir. Sophie Ann's first scene is of her sucking Sookie's cousin Hadley's femoral artery. What an introduction huh? She plays a bi-curious 1,100 year old french vampire with impeccable class and style! Her character is totally fab and Hollywood! Kind of reminds me of Marilyn Monroe if she were a red-head. What do you think? She's totally outspoken and I was dying of laughter when she told Vampire Bill that he and Eric Northman have too much tension and that they should just f*ck each other and she can watch. So hilarz! Gaudy jewelry, fancy mansion, heavy security, human "pets".. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Queen!

Umm.. is that an issue of Vogue in your hand? Anna Wintour would be proud! ;)

So rumor has it that Evan Rachel Wood is dating Alexander Skarsgard? OMG I'm so jealous!

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