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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Milk & Cookies PLEEZ!

After dinner with my two foodies @AnnaWHY and @DanielChan_1011, we decided to fulfill our sweet tooth by heading over to this West Village gem, Milk & Cookies Bakery. They offer a delectable array of freshly baked cookies and of course, milk to go with it. But we decided to go for the gold and try their specialty, the cookie and gelato sandwich! YAY!The counter top and bakery in the back! Of course, the cookie rack is center stage. Other goodies are on the counter as well if you don't feel like eating cookies: from cupcakes, brownies, whoopie pies and even dog treats for your special pooch! When I walked in, I felt right at home. The decor is awesome. Tiled table tops and a fire place setting. The ambiance is so inviting!Let's get to it! The menu!As mentioned, Daniel and I had cookie and gelato sandwiches. They're made to order so we picked our cookies and gelato flavors and the friendly lady made them in front of us with a smile.This is Daniel's PB&J! Yes, that's 2 Peanut Butter Cookies and Jelly (Strawberry Gelato). YUM-O!Anna's lonely 1 piece of Chocolate Mint Cookie! You missed out on the gelato sandwich goodness homegirl! :Pand last but not least, my own concoction- 2 Smore Cookies and Vanilla Gelato treat!
This definitely isn't your typical ice cream cookie sandwich! Their cookies are baked fresh daily and are soft and chewy. Instead of ice cream, they use gelato from il laboratorio del gelato! The combo is just amazing. I really love this whole cookie and gelato combo. I've had it before at Rice for dessert awhile back with my cuzzo Tre but it was teeny tiny cookies. Milk & Cookies' version is a larger portion and worth every bite! I can officially say I'm a fan. So if you're in the mood for some milk and cookies and just happen to be in the West Village, be sure to stop by Milk & Cookies! Deelish.
19 Commerce St
New York, NY 10014
or follow @MilkCookiesNYC on twitter!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

R.Patz: AnOtherMan I Dream About

Check out my booboo Robert Pattinson aka R. Patz in the Autumn/Winter Issue 9 of AnOtherMan Magazine photographed by Hedi Slimane. Sigh* I heart you. Make sure to get a copy at your local newsstand! ;)

Thanks to @williamyan and @keefwasheretoo for copping this magazine for me for my birthday! <3s it! :)

LINK: AnOther Magazine

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Chocolate Haven: Lily O'Briens Chocolate Cafe

Yesterday my good homie @almightydjko and I sat at Bryant Park to catch up and eat our weekly lunch. After we finished our meal, something was missing. What was it? DESSERT! So we crossed the street and he took me to my new favorite place, Lily O'Briens Chocolate Cafe. Ah, it was a chocolate wonderland! Great ambience, retro vibe, friendly staff and moderately priced chocolate goodness! I even met Marisa who is the co-owner / store manager and she was kind enough to explain that Lily O'Briens originated in Ireland and was brought over to the United States in March 2009. This is the first cafe from the Lily O'Briens name. KO had Coffee and a piece of Farmhouse Ice Cream Chocolate. I on the other hand was looking for a chocolate overdose so I ordered an Iced Hot Chocolate and a piece of Crème Brûlée Chocolate.

The Chocolatey Menu

My Chocolate Pick: Crème Brûlée Chocolate

My delicious Iced Hot Chocolate- supposedly it's a Summer treat but it was perfect since it was warm yesterday. Refreshing and not overwhelming. Far from tasting like Chocolate Milk. It's made from Belgian Milk Chocolate and you can see the little bits of chocolate shavings floating around. It was so delicious! Not too creamy.. not too rich.. just the way I like it. For $4.25, it was well worth it and I will be getting this again without a doubt.

Our Chocolates: Farmhouse Ice Cream (left) and Crème Brûlée (right). You can get the chocolates by piece with a price range of $0.60 - $1.25. If one is not enough, they have beautiful boxed assortments available as well!

The friendly staff member :)

Chocolate decor :)

How can you say no to this? Look at the layers! It tasted as good as it looks! :P

Too much chocolate? You can also order coffee and have some of these goodies instead... from croissants, macaroons, muffins, brownies and cookies! All FRESH daily.

Also met fellow blogger, Laura from Polyester, Pantyhose & Fearless Self-Expression. Caught her while she was enjoying her chocolatey goodness on the comfy couch. Look at the details of her super cute lace hosiery! Don't forget to check her blog!

And the best part about Lily O'Briens Chocolate Cafe is you get a FREE (that's right.. Free-Ninety-Nine) complimentary chocolate with any purchase! LOVE THIS!

Great experience, a new chocolate haven for me! Make sure you give them a visit if you're around the Bryant Park Area!

Thanks again KO for lunch and dessert!


36 W. 40th St
(between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)
New York, NY 10018

Come Get Your TrueBlood at Fangtasia!

I know I'm a little late because everyone knows the TrueBlood orange soda came out. It dropped right before the Season 2 finale. I didn't get a chance to pre-order it online because I don't think I need a 4-pack. I just wanted a single bottle to keep for display. So this week I walked on over to the HBO Shop and it just so happens they transformed their store front into Fangtasia! Awesome.

I was able to buy my bottle of TrueBlood for $4 dolla! YAY.

Look at the TrueBlood Fridge! I so want one..

TrueBlood is available cold or warm (they have some by the register).

You can buy yourself a single TrueBlood for $4, a 4-pack for $16 or if you're blood thirsty- you can buy a 24-pack for $96!

So I didn't open my bottle to drink it but I've seen a bunch of reviews on line and they say it tastes like Sunkist soda. However, the bottle is an amazing replica and a must buy for any Truebie! Oh, since Halloween is coming up it's the perfect add-on to any vampire costume. :)

HBO Shop
1100 Avenue of the Americas (42nd and 6th Avenue)
New York, New York 10036
or buy it here.

HELLO LOVER: Dough-Ray-Me Summaiya Cookies

Got a birthday treat from my boss this week. She gave me a pack of Dough-Ray-Me Summaiya Cookies! Not only was it deelish, the flavor combo is amazing! Look at the ingredients CAREFULLY. You see that? Yeah dude, it says POTATO CHIPS! On cookies? No way! Um, YES way and it works! The cookies were incredibly moist and chewy. It tastes exactly like an oatmeal cookie with some tartness because of the sour cherry. It would actually be a great idea to substitute dried sour cherries instead of raisins with an oatmeal raisin cookie mix *light bulb*. Anyway, you can barely taste the potato chips but I think that by adding it there's a crunch in every bite. The cookies are amazing and if you see it at a gourmet grocery, you should try it! I think my boss bought it at Dean and Deluca. If you can't find them locally, peep their website because they have more yummy bite sized treats and they will ship it to your door! :)

LINK: Dough-Ray-Me

Teach Them While They're Young Part II

Meet Iona aka Deedubz, my new convert. She likes vampires too! We luh the kidz! ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snoop As a TrueBlood Vampizzle!!

Everyday is the same thang, I creep in. It’s like TrueBlood, I sink my teeth in. -Snoop "Gangsta Luv"
So Snoop wants to be in TrueBlood huh? I dig this idea. Remember in 2001, he did that movie Bones? Now don't get me wrong- I didn't say I dig that movie but his character was pretty decent. He can totally pull off a TrueBlood character. Maybe as Tara and Lafayette's newly turned rappin' vampire cousin? LOL! Draculizzle Fo'shizzle Dizzle... Glad to know someone in the hiphop world is in tune with one of my favorite shows. Alan Ball, you need to holler at Snooooooooop (a la Drop It Like It's Hot)!

LINK: Entertainment Weekly

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


First and foremost, thank you for all the Birthday wishes I received on my born day. Thanks to everyone that came through and celebrated with me within the span of 3 days partying and living it up! I always thank God for having such amazing friends and family to hold me down. You are all so inspirational and motivate me in so many ways. Kind of funny because my name Aimee means "the beloved one" and I totally feel the love from all of you guys. So thanks again for a hundred thousand trillionth time! xoxo Aimee

Also check out Scram's blog and his post for some more pics! ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eastern State Penitentiary: Terror Behind the Walls!

After our visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a quick stop around the Market Street area, we decided that we were all up for a quick little scare before heading back to NYC. Next destination? Eastern State Penitentiary!!! *cues eerie music* Glad to say that everyone was up for it except for a certain two (I won't call you out but you know who you are.. LOL). We all took deep breaths and were brave enough to go through the experience together. So ok, supposedly Eastern State Pen is a haunted prison with paranormal activity and ghost sightings. Its doors were open from 1829 and abandoned in 1971. The prison even housed the infamous Al Capone. During the Fall, Eastern State Penitentiary offers a day time tour and a night time tour that starts from 7pm and ends at 11pm. We purchased our tickets for the 9:30 tour and were greeted by their scary zombie guards. Just to let you know, the tour is approximately 30 minutes long and has 5 parts. Some part of the tour will be outdoors so if it's cold, dress warm because you will have to wait awhile outside.

But first, a quick shot of Henny aka Yeezy Juice to toughen up! And our haunted journey begins... *evil laugh*

Tickets to get in!

Escape prisoner aka Boyfriend #1

Boyfriend #2 Hey Boo! ;)

Keith and the zombie guard

Our greeter *wave*

Hold me! I'm scared...

Esmeralda was prancing around and greeting the guests


Will with his new booboo!

Found me another man!

Part 1 of the tour: INTAKE



The body

Zombie Nurse

Part 3: THE EXPERIMENT (in 3D)! This was my favorite section. They hand you 3D glasses and everything literally "POPS" right out!

Part 4: NIGHT WATCH! The zombie guards hand you a push flash light and you have to use your flash light to guide you through the winding hallways in complete darkness!

My push flash light

You mad scared son!

Frontin’ like you ain’t scared!


Two thumbs up from EVERYBODY!

Overall, I can't front! This was the icing on the cake as far as our Philly Trip. I wasn't as scared as I expected- then again, it's always fun to be part of a large group. The actors/actresses in the haunted prison did a terrific job trying to scare the crap out of us. Everyone flinched atleast once or twice (and don't deny it either!). I definitely suggest this venue for a good scare! Thanks for a great trip Philly! Adios!

2124 Fairmount Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19130