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Monday, October 19, 2009

Field Trip at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

After lunch at Tony Luke's, the crew and I decided to hit up the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum was alright. I mean, I come from NY and we are rich in art museums so it wasn't comparable to what I've seen back home. Kind of regret not being able to view the Costume and Textiles Exhibit which was really our main purpose. We only had the opportunity to view some of the American and Asian Art as well as Arms and Armor Exhibit. Mind you, the 2nd Floor closes early! WOMPWOMP. Also didn't get to run up the stairs a la Rocky! :( Maybe next time Philly! Anyway, we decided to make the best out of our time and took some goofy pictures instead :)

*Please note that these pictures were taken for fun and not to disrespect the works of art in the museum. Thanks.*

Our buttons. Group discounts are great! ;)

The Archer

Going up?




Indian Salute

What's inside the glass case? Oh so interesting!

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I want to touch the hiny...


The Album Cover..

Chinese Snuff Containers! WHOA.

2 feet away and DO NOT TOUCH the Artwork please!

This Van Gogh Action Figure Rocks!

Philly ain't Philly without Benjamin Franklin!


Look at the amazing jeweled trim on this under armor!

Smile Fro! ;)

Sitting on the steps before we think of the next destination...

26th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130
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