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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 
Hope you enjoy the holiday with your loved ones, as I surely will. Also don't forget that it's not just a holiday, it's a time to reflect and be thankful for all the wonderful blessings we've received. I thank the following people for the love, laughter, inspiration, motivation and all that good stuff: Dad, Mom, Lorenz, My Besties: Keith Pearson & William Yan, Yasmin Wise, Tre & Frank, Kristine, Shane, Lady Chellez, Monica & Xavier, My OBB's: Tammie, Enang & Iona the Zoo Keeper, My Foodies: Anna Y. & Dear Daniel, AlmightyDJKO, DJ Precision, Hose, DJ & Robin, Frotographer Mejia, Larry Ravioli, Justine Dori, My family in Staten and back in the homeland, the people that follow me on Twitter, my acquaintances, and to my loyal readers. Enjoy the holiday and be easy on that turkey!
xoxo, Aims

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


"I need a soldier... That ain't scared to stand up for me... Gotta know to get dough and he better be street..." -Destiny's Child

I always had a thing for camo and military inspired gear... speaking of which, head on over to my homie William Yan's Blog to check out his newest collaborative project with stylist Keith Pearson titled, "Toy Soldier". Super dope! Good job besties!   

'Nuff said..
LINK: WilliamYan.com

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Burst the Bubble On Fashion Fakes!

As I was walking to the Post Office yesterday, I passed by this awesome window display made by Visual Students from LIM College titled, "Burst the Bubble On Fashion Fakes" on 209 W. 38th St. between 7th & 8th Aves. What better way to make a statement on counterfeit goods and fashion knock offs than with the iconic and most sought after Chanel brand? Check out the Chanel Tweed Suit and Classic Bags made out of bubble wrap. Awesome! The display will be up until December 16th, check it out if you're around the Garment district! 

Meiji's Pucca in Banana and Milk Flavor


I can't stop going to the Japanese Grocery Store! Every time I go, I always find weird snacks to try. Found this one last week, Meiji's Pucca Chocolate Fish shaped biscuit with Banana and Milk filling! It has a pretty interesting taste- like a milky banana creamy kind of like banana pie and a hint of chocolate? I was surprised that the banana flavor wasn't too overwhelming which is great. I enjoyed the snack because I like the taste of bananas but it kind of leaves a funky after taste. I have a feeling the strawberry and milk chocolate version tastes better! Well at least I tried it. :P Find it at your local Japanese Grocery Store for about $2 for a pack!

LINK: Pucca

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy NEW MOON Day! 11.20.09

Happy New Moon Day to all the Twi-hards out there! I know some of you lucky people were able to view the first screening last night! I'm somewhat jelz. Well.. how was it?! I honestly can't wait to watch it myself but I think I'll wait a few days until the hype dies down. I want it to be quiet when I watch the flick so that I can focus on sexy ass R.Patz all googly eyed and stuff! Too much talking in the theatres annoy the crap out of me. I saw a few comments via Twitter that Team Jacob is taking over. Is that true? Well well.. I guess I'll find out when I get to watch it soon. Twilight Runs This Town Tonight!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've Been Trying to Chase You Cupcake Stop!

I've been trying to chase @CupcakeStop for about a month now via Twitter. I always end up missing them whenever I'm near their location or they seem to run out of cupcakes! So yesterday on the way to Tamrock's Birthday Dinner, I FINALLY ran into the truck accidentally. I was so psyched! Even though I'm suppose to be on a diet and was saving my calories for my soul food dinner that evening, I JUST HAD TO. It was so hard to say no- I finally have my chance! So I got three delicious mini cupcakes for $1 each. What? I needed variety! It's only right. This was a long time coming, so you best believe I was going to go in on these teeny and scrumptious treats!


My Threesome:
Left to Right: Cream Cheese Brownie, Vanilla Chocolate and Gingerbread Spice

All I have to say is out of the three, the Cream Cheese Brownie was the BEST! Why? It has the texture of a chewy Chocolate Brownie in mini cupcake form and then the Cream Cheese frosting is KILLER! So amazing! My second favorite was Gingerbread Spice just because the taste was so exotic and perfect since Thanksgiving is next week. The Vanilla frosting with the Gingerbread cake was a really good combination! Then my last favorite is the Vanilla Chocolate just because it's one of my favorite cupcake combos of all time.

Overall, I love how their frosting is not too soft. Even though it's considered a mini, it's slightly bigger than regular mini's compared to the ones I make at home or the ones I get from Baked by Melissa. This definitely won't be the last time that I will indulge. Can't wait to see you again Cupcake Stop!

or follow @CupcakeStop on Twitter for their location and daily specials!

P.S. Thanks to the cupcake guy for giving me another mini because I dropped one by accident. I was carrying too many things! That was really sweet of you. Just to let you know, two minutes later I dropped my G10 camera because I thought I was going to drop one mini on the floor again. However, do not to fret- now my camera has a battle scar that will always remind me of my first experience at Cupcake Stop! ;)


Sorry for the lack of posts! It's been a busy week! With that being said, it was my little whoadie Tamrock's Birthday yesterday and we celebrated at one of my favorite soul food spots, Pink Tea Cup. Happy Birthday Tambee, Tamrock, Tambourine, Tamarind, Twin Sheeshburger, The Vampire's Assistant, OBB, OG Fall Gang '07 leader (cuz 'We da BEST'), Ninja Turtle, Ms. 505 Fly, BM'press!

Happy Birthday Twin! xoxo, Aimbee :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Want a Mouse From TheHouseOfMouse!

I was browsing around etsy for holiday gift ideas and ran into TheHouseOfMouse shop! A woman named Anna from the Netherlands makes each and everyone of these super adorable handmade mice! It's very detailed and just seeing them all puts a smile on my face. Each is individually crafted with felt, silks, ribbon, beads- you name it! They all stand approximately at 2.5" tall. Since I am into fashion, vampires and zombies- here are my favorite picks from her shop:

Karl Lagermouse

Edward Mouse and Bella Mouse

Abercrombie the Zombie Mouse

I soo want them all! Prices range from $25-75. What a perfect gift idea! ;) Hmm, I wonder if she would take a request to make a Michael Jackson Mouse!

LINK: TheHouseOfMouse via etsy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mmm... Chocolate Tree Stumps!

There's just something with me and food in bizarre shapes and form! Check out my new Japanese treat, Kikori no Kirikabu (Chocolate Tree Stump Cookies). Remember my old post on Chocolate Hamburgers? Well move over Burger! Meet the new kid in town! SOO good! It's self explanatory- milk chocolate stump and cookie core. I think I like this better than Every Burger because there's more chocolate when you bite into it and no sesame seed after taste. It cost me $2.29 comes in a pack of two with each pack containing 12 tree stumps (I ate one before I took the pic, SORRY I couldn't resist)! Cop it at your local  Japanese Grocery! DEELISH!


Oh, and don't you just love the Japanese lumber jack and his little bunny?! Adorable! :P

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street! :)

Today marks Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary! Happy Birthday Big Bird!  As a present, Google decided to feature members of the gang for a week long count down celebration on their "Google Doodle" which is the image that you see on the search engine's homepage. How awesome! Besides Batibot (Filipino version of Sesame Street), I grew up watching Sesame Street. Always loved Bert & Ernie, Snuffalufagus, Elmo, Grover, Count Dracula, Oscar and my super favorite, Slimy the Worm. Ahh, the good old days where I wish I can go back and just be a kid again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SESAME STREET! :)

Want to see more of the Sesame Street "Google Doodle," click here.

Also saw these super cute Sesame Street cotton tees with sock liner sleeves from the Morfs Brand Website and via Barney's Holiday Mailer Catalog for the little kiddies!

LINK: Sesame Street

Monday, November 9, 2009

HELLO LOVER: Fat Witch Blonde Baby

Ahh, the Blonde Brownie from Fat Witch! DEELICIOUS! So what is a "Blondie" exactly? Well, it's a brownie made without chocolate. What does it taste like? A decadent chocolate chip cookie in brownie form! Whenever I see these Witch Babies, I have to buy it- but the Blonde is my fave! It's like a guilt-free dessert because it only takes 3 bites to finish and great if you're calorie counting and it's made with natural ingredients and no preservatives! I savor each bite but my favorite is when I get a chunk of chocolate chip. Sooo good and only $1.50. I happen to buy my 'Blonde Baby' at Chop't Salad!

There's three other flavors you must try: Fat Witch Baby (chocolate brownie), Walnut Baby (brownie with walnuts) and of course, the Blonde Baby!

Sorry for the low resolution pics, I took them via iPhone.

LINK: Fat Witch

Antichrist by Lars Von Trier

Finally saw Antichrist by renowned Danish director, Lars Von Trier at IFC on Saturday. All I can say is WHOA. Just to give you a brief summary- it's about a grieving couple played by Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg who are mourning the death of their son caused by their own reckless actions. To cope with their loss, they go to their remote cabin in the forest called "Eden" where they confront their fears. The movie is quite intense and lived up to its controversial reputation. As per my movie buff homie Mike, Von Trier made this movie while he was under deep depression (it was highly evident). The cinematography is excellent but this movie is not for everyone. If you think you might be interested in watching this flick, peep the trailer below first to see what you're in for. Definitely watch at your own risk. Nonetheless, Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg gave an awesome performance as I would think it would take a lot to play their sexually explicit character. Beware of the first few minutes in the beginning of the movie and the last 30 minutes, you'll be cringing in your seat! 

LINK: Antichrist

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Manny Pacquiao: He's Kinda Like A Big Deal...

I've been watching 24/7 on HBO to amp myself up for the Pacquiao and Cotto fight on the 14th and let me tell you, I think Pac-Man is ready for another win! You betcha I'll be out somewhere watching the Pride of the Philippines do his thing! Another thing that WOW'ed me was when I was watching Filipino news on TFC (The Filipino Channel) yesterday and they reported that Pacquiao will be gracing the cover of Time Magazine Asia. Say what??? I don't know about you, but that's kind of like a big deal! Hey Pac-Man, you truly deserve it. I see the fight in you every time you get in the ring. With all your wins and fame, you're not a least bit pompous. If anything, you are super humble and we see that you really care about your people. Your unyielding faith in God keeps you going. So congratulations and do your thing on the 14th! Mabuhay si Manny Pacquiao! He truly is the "Great Hope" of the Philippines.

-- Posted from my iPhone

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hey Pharrell, You Look Great in RED ;)

I was thinking, I wanted to buy a motorcycle jacket for the winter but was getting annoyed that everyone has it... but they all have it in BLACK! A few months ago I said to myself, if I were to buy one, it would be in RED just because it's bold and it's one of my favorite colors. So as I visited Pharrell's Blog via Honeyee, here's my future husband wearing the jacket I WANT. It's also funny how I always seem to get my inspiration from men's fashion... So yeah P, I'll take your Red Leather Jacket and any of your Herm├Ęs Birkin "Travel Bags" out of your closet! ;)

Also check out my homie William Yan's post "Pharrell Williams In A Motorcycle Jacket, You Can Do It Too In A Vanson "California Highway Patrol" Leather Motorcycle Jacket" for further reads!

LINK: Pharrell's BLOG

Thursday, November 5, 2009

K. Stew and R. Patz Would Make a DOPE Couple..

Look for K. Stew and R. Patz in the December issue of Harper's Bazaar. Their pics together are mucho caliente! The chemistry between the two is soooo obvious. Both deny that there's a romantic relationship between them but I think they're lying! FRONTERS! Since I can't have R. Patz, it's only right that K. Stew be his booboo. Come on you two, just come out in the open already!!!*My FAVE pic* Ugh! The "meadow scene" ... FASHIONABLY revisited! Talk about 'HAUTE'!

I read the interview online and find it hilarz when R. Patz said K. Stew swears like a sailor. Funny, me too. :-X They look so good together. Anyway, this magazine is a good issue to buy. The photos are awesome! High fashion also in full effect as they used pieces from: Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Dior Homme, YSL, Versace and many more! Noir? Gothic Romance? I LOVES!!! <3 Amazing issue, I bet this will be Bazaar's top issue for the year!

P.S. 15 day's until NEW MOON!!!!!

LINK: Harper's Bazaar

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My New LOVE: Adidas SLVR 115 <33

Check out my new LOVE, Adidas SLVR 115.

Awhile ago I posted a bunch of wedges that I would like to buy. This shoe was really my inspiration to write that post. Ever since I saw it at the Adidas SLVR SoHo store this past Summer, I've been dreaming about this shoe! It took me awhile to buy it, and finally I decided that it was about that time. I compulsively copped them two weeks ago (thanks to Nylon Magazine's 30% off Adidas SLVR Coupon!) I think the reason for wanting to buy this shoe is because it reminds me of Rick Owens Wedge Boots (any of them). Which are ALL freakin' amazing but I cannot afford (yet)image via Polyvore.com So for now, these wedgies will do. It's so versatile, it can be worn with leggings, skirts, jeans, and everything else imaginable! It gives me an extra 3 1/2 to 4" cuz a 4'11" shorty like me needs some much needed height! Every time I wear these shoes, I fall in love with them. If you know me personally, you know that I LIVE in flats only. So this is a big step up for me to be wearing something with some height comfortably. Slowly but surely I'm getting used to walking with these shoes (with no back up flats in my bag- thank you very much!). I can truly say it's like riding a bike. You get used to them... so maybe one day you'll see me with 6" Louboutin heels on my feet (inside joke with @keefwasheretoo.. BABY THESE HEELS!!)!

Goodbye Air Jordans... It was fun while it lasted...

P.S. They come in three color ways: Black, Grey, Green (dropping in December!)


Monday, November 2, 2009

My Halloween '09 Adventure

Even though Halloween was rained out this year, I still had a blast roaming around the city in search of dope costumes! Here's some pictures from my Halloween. I didn't get to take as much as I wanted to because of the rain, but here's a recap! :)
L to R:My god daughter Celine as a cute lady bug and her sister Carla as Bat GirlTony as PeeWee Herman. He was even doing the laugh and everything!My TrueBlood Vampire Costume laid out on my bed: Fangtasia Tee, TrueBlood Bottle, Vampire Fangs, Theatrical Blood, Fake Eyelashes, Red Lipstick :)Eli Cash from The Royal TenenbaumsA Blackberry, Eli Cash and Harry Potter hangin' out as a crew!Teletubbies! They’re so scary cute!!@keefwasheretoo as "ALL BLACK EVERYTHING"...My Complete TrueBlood Vampire Costume... Hurts So Good!! LOLALI G! RESPECT!Marching Band Girl and MR. Amber Rose :-XPO PO everywhere!!Homeboy said he was a "Sloppy Whore"...Lil Freddy, Lil Jason and Lil' Wayne?Voodoo PrincessesSomeone was pushing a piano with a girl sitting on it.. crazy!Heroes in a Half Shell: Raphael and MichaelangeloDonatello and Leonardo! Turtle Power!!The Best Lady Gaga Costume of the evening! @williamyan as Cookie Monster with his friends Bert and Ernie!The Best Costume Award goes to my homie Doves as Raymond Stantz from Ghostbusters! He made his own proton pack that took him 2 years! It was amazingly detailed!Who you gonna call?! Ghostbusters!!Ghost TrapTofu Kids!The Joker, complete with the green smoking van and everything!The 'Burger' King and Wendy.. who would've known!!Ronald McDonald and Alan Garner from the movie The HangoverThat's all folks!