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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street! :)

Today marks Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary! Happy Birthday Big Bird!  As a present, Google decided to feature members of the gang for a week long count down celebration on their "Google Doodle" which is the image that you see on the search engine's homepage. How awesome! Besides Batibot (Filipino version of Sesame Street), I grew up watching Sesame Street. Always loved Bert & Ernie, Snuffalufagus, Elmo, Grover, Count Dracula, Oscar and my super favorite, Slimy the Worm. Ahh, the good old days where I wish I can go back and just be a kid again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SESAME STREET! :)

Want to see more of the Sesame Street "Google Doodle," click here.

Also saw these super cute Sesame Street cotton tees with sock liner sleeves from the Morfs Brand Website and via Barney's Holiday Mailer Catalog for the little kiddies!

LINK: Sesame Street

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