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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Want a Mouse From TheHouseOfMouse!

I was browsing around etsy for holiday gift ideas and ran into TheHouseOfMouse shop! A woman named Anna from the Netherlands makes each and everyone of these super adorable handmade mice! It's very detailed and just seeing them all puts a smile on my face. Each is individually crafted with felt, silks, ribbon, beads- you name it! They all stand approximately at 2.5" tall. Since I am into fashion, vampires and zombies- here are my favorite picks from her shop:

Karl Lagermouse

Edward Mouse and Bella Mouse

Abercrombie the Zombie Mouse

I soo want them all! Prices range from $25-75. What a perfect gift idea! ;) Hmm, I wonder if she would take a request to make a Michael Jackson Mouse!

LINK: TheHouseOfMouse via etsy

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