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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've Been Trying to Chase You Cupcake Stop!

I've been trying to chase @CupcakeStop for about a month now via Twitter. I always end up missing them whenever I'm near their location or they seem to run out of cupcakes! So yesterday on the way to Tamrock's Birthday Dinner, I FINALLY ran into the truck accidentally. I was so psyched! Even though I'm suppose to be on a diet and was saving my calories for my soul food dinner that evening, I JUST HAD TO. It was so hard to say no- I finally have my chance! So I got three delicious mini cupcakes for $1 each. What? I needed variety! It's only right. This was a long time coming, so you best believe I was going to go in on these teeny and scrumptious treats!


My Threesome:
Left to Right: Cream Cheese Brownie, Vanilla Chocolate and Gingerbread Spice

All I have to say is out of the three, the Cream Cheese Brownie was the BEST! Why? It has the texture of a chewy Chocolate Brownie in mini cupcake form and then the Cream Cheese frosting is KILLER! So amazing! My second favorite was Gingerbread Spice just because the taste was so exotic and perfect since Thanksgiving is next week. The Vanilla frosting with the Gingerbread cake was a really good combination! Then my last favorite is the Vanilla Chocolate just because it's one of my favorite cupcake combos of all time.

Overall, I love how their frosting is not too soft. Even though it's considered a mini, it's slightly bigger than regular mini's compared to the ones I make at home or the ones I get from Baked by Melissa. This definitely won't be the last time that I will indulge. Can't wait to see you again Cupcake Stop!

or follow @CupcakeStop on Twitter for their location and daily specials!

P.S. Thanks to the cupcake guy for giving me another mini because I dropped one by accident. I was carrying too many things! That was really sweet of you. Just to let you know, two minutes later I dropped my G10 camera because I thought I was going to drop one mini on the floor again. However, do not to fret- now my camera has a battle scar that will always remind me of my first experience at Cupcake Stop! ;)

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