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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cooking With Mr. Fox: Grandma Clotilde's Spanish Rice

If there's one thing Mr. Fox and I both love, it's chickpeas. Awhile ago, we were talking about making Spanish Rice. When thinking of ingredients, we both agreed that if we did attempt to make it, it has to have 1) pink beans (or habichuelas) and 2) chickpeas (our fave). Mr. Fox would always talk about how his Grandma Clotilde would make it, so he named his dish after her! All its flavor elements are based on how she would have made it. So we attempted this recipe a few weeks ago and it was a hit. We cooked it yesterday again so I had to document it and share :) 
Key Ingredients: 4 cups of Cooked Uncle Ben's White Rice (cooked in a rice cooker), a drizzle of Olive Oil, a can of Chickpeas (drained), a can of Pink Beans or Habichuelas (drained), a can of Tomato Sauce, 2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes (not shown above), 2 tablespoons of Recaito, half a jar of Manzanilla Olives (drained), Salt and Pepper for flavor, one Chopped Garlic Clove, 1/2 a Chopped Onion, and a large skillet.

*Based on the above ingredients, this meal would serve 6-8 people
Drizzle some Olive Oil on your skillet. Put your stove heat to medium/high and wait until the oil is hot. Add chopped garlic and onions until brown and stir occasionally.
Next, add a can of Tomato Sauce to your Garlic and Onion mixture and simmer.
Add a Chicken Bouillon Cube to your tomato sauce mixture. Make sure to crush it into powder when it gets soft. 
NOTE: We put the other bouillon cube in the rice cooker to slightly flavor the rice. 
Then, add 2 tablespoons of Recaito to the mix.
Finally, add the 4 cups of cooked rice to the simmering sauce and mix thoroughly until all the rice is coated with the sauce.
Add your two kinds of beans (drained) to the rice mix and stir. 
Put half a jar of Manzanilla Olives (drained) to the rice mix and stir again.
Add Salt and Pepper to your liking and mix.
and last... ENJOY! :D

The dish is great by itself or a perfect side dish to accompany any protein. Thanks to Mr. Fox for another amazing Saturday and an amazing meal! 

SIDE NOTE: This meal is also super budget friendly and only took about $6 to make. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Metronomy - A Thing For Me (2008)

When it comes to music, i'm usually a hip-hop type of gal but lately I've been trying to expand my horizons. With that being said, I'm really digging this song, "A Thing For Me" by British electronic band, Metronomy. Besides the song being awesome and super catchy, the music video is even better! It's made a la karaoke style and is quite amusing. I love the play on the British accent, it's freakin' hilarious. Check it out!

LINK: Metronomy or follow @metronomy on twitter!   

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer in Rushmore

I finally saw Rushmore yesterday! I'm so infatuated with Jason Schwartzman's character, Max Fischer. There's something super nerdy, witty, eclectic, cool and classic about him.  It must be his collegiate look that set the tone for me. I totally dig his wardrobe in this movie thanks to costume designer, Karen Patch.

Here's some outfit screen shots that I took:

Do you dig his outfits? His clothes are awesome! Fitted blazer, collegiate tie, khaki chinos, blue chambray shirt, red beret, retro eyeglasses, brown leather messenger bag, Adidas Rod Laver Sneakers (with red laces), Burberry scarf, russian hat, bowties, and green velvet suit to get your Max Fischer on!   

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cooking With Suki: Japanese Omu-rice

After work, I decided to head on over to Greenpoint, BK to catch up with darling homegirl Suki Sayaka. She offered to cook me dinner (she knows how to win my heart) but at the same time I was skeptical. Does she really know how to cook and what the hell am I going to eat? HAHA. As we walked to the grocery she explained that she will be cooking a Japanese dish called, "Omu-rice" (or Omu-raisu) which is an omelet + fried rice. Interesting I thought. Never heard of the dish even though Japanese food is my fave. I'm always brave enough to try something new so I was looking forward to eat Sayaka's home cooked meal.   

To prep, Suki cut her vegetables which consisted of minced garlic, onion, green bell pepper and carrots. She also diced some salt and pepper marinated chicken breast to add some protein in our meal. 

She sauté her diced chicken breast in garlic and olive oil until it was brown and fully cooked. When finished, she set the protein aside to cool. 

Next, she sauté her mixed vegetables in olive oil and added some salt and crushed black pepper.

Suki grabbed another clean pan and drizzled some olive oil. She stir fry three cups of mixed white and brown rice with a little bit of ketchup.
TIP: When making fried rice, it's good to use rice that is about a day old because all the moisture is soaked up. Also when cooking rice, it would be good to add a bouillon cube as it cooks for more flavor. 

Next, she placed her ketchup rice in a big bowl, added her cooked diced chicken and sautee'd veggies and mixed it all together. After mixing, she set it aside to cool.

Then she beat a mixture with two eggs, splash of milk, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Next, cook the egg omelet in a pan.

Then, grab a plate, place some of the mixed rice onto the plate and somewhat shape it like a mound. 

Next, place the cooked omelet on top of the rice.

Then add some ketchup! It just so happens she wanted to have some fun and spelled my name out. :P 
NOTE: Ketchup is optional if you like. 

Then repeat the last 5 steps for every person's dish! Japanese Omu-Rice!! YAY! 
NOTE: This was her room mate Tod(d)'s plate. We didn't have room to add another "D". Sorry dude!

So after tasting Suki's Japanese Omu-rice, I am now a fan. I've concluded that 1)Suki can cook and 2) I'm coming over for dinner more often! haha. Thanks to Sayaka for an amazing dinner and fun times! Until next time...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Musketeers in Chocolate Cherry Goodness!

So today my boss gave me this 3 Musketeers Cherry Flavored bite-sized treat to rid of the stress since busy season is approaching. When it comes to cherry and dark chocolate, I'm quite particular. I always used to receive cherry cordials during holidays when I was younger and I always hated it. It wasn't until recently that my taste buds adapted to its taste and texture. For most, the gooey filling might be an issue as it was at first to me. It was also messy to eat unless you pop the whole thing in your mouth (pause). So when I got this bite-sized deliciousness I was excited to try it because it's finally something that would taste like a cherry cordial in solid form. The verdict? I'll take the fluffy cherry flavored nougat any day! It's amazing! Tastes better than a cherry cordial! Also, another reason why I like this treat is because out of most chocolate candies, 3 Musketeers is known for having a lower calorie content compared to most! Thumbs up for all the calorie counting boys and girls out there! Rumor is there's also a raspberry flavored one! I MUST be on the look out for that one. Limited edition flavor just in time for Valentine's Day! Yay!

P.S. photos were taken via iPhone so it's not the best quality. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yo Stop Frontin' and Use Your Head!

I guess you could technically say I was diggin' in the crates tonight when I found my old Invisibl Skratch Piklz VS. Da Klamz Uv Deth record. This routine by Shortkut, Mixmaster Mike and Qbert was what made me beg my parents to get 1200's for my 16th birthday instead of a sweet 16 party. Cuttin' and skratchin'.. mixin'.. bassline and drummin'.. this was my introduction to the "turntablism" scene back in the day. Re-united and it feels so gooooood. Ahh.. That's Fresh! 


LINK: YouTube

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wes Anderson's Amazing Acceptance Speech!

Wes Anderson was recently given a  "Special Filmmaking Achievement" award from the National Board of Review for his amazing new film, Fantastic Mr. Fox.  What better way to receive this award than to have Anderson portray himself in stop motion accepting his award. Check him out in character! This is why WES ANDERSON IS THE F'in MAN!

Thanks to my Mr. Fox for the tip!

LINK: FoxSearchlight via YouTube

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Fantastic Book To Have!

I can't stress how much I loved the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox which was based on Roald Dahl's classic children's book. It was adapted into film by director Wes Anderson (if unfamiliar, some of his famous works are The Royal TenenbaumThe Darjeeling Limited and Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) who is the freakin' man! Got pretty hyped when I checked Will's blog and saw that Rizzoli published a book and commissioned Pentagram to design the book on how the movie was made. Super dope! As if the HBO sneak peak wasn't enough to explain the process of stop-motion animation, this book goes more in depth! The book looks awesome because its focuses on each character and there's a movie scene break down. Fabric swatches of Mr. Fox's staple corduroy suit , illustrations, pictures of the props, dialogue- you name it, the book has it! Need to order book NOW!

If you haven't watched it, GO! You will fall in love with this movie just like I did. Ash who is Mr. Fox's only eccentric little son and played by my booboo Jason Schwartzman is my favorite character. Why? Because he's little like me, wears a cape with his tighty whities and has a sweat sock as a bandit mask- NUFF SAID! My second favorite character is the Rat who is played by the Green Goblin himself- Willem Dafoe. Why? cos homeboy is slick with it, carries a switchblade knife and wears red and white stripe long sleeve shirt- oh so stylish for a Rat!   

Here's the HD trailer:

NOTE: One of my favorite parts from the movie is on the trailer (0:22-0:33), reminds me of my own special Mr. Fox. ;) HAHA!

LINK: William Yan via Pentagram 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brooklyn Black Out Cupcake = Chocolate Coma

Looking for a chocolate coma? Try Two Little Red Hen's Brooklyn Black Out Cupcake! I was basking in the chocolatey goodness of this chocolate cake injected with chocolate pudding topped with a creamy chocolate fudge frosting. Talk about using "chocolate" in a sentence.. and you best believe that this cupcake is to be savored a mouthful at a time! The best sweet chocolate indulgence ever. Since this was a birthday present, had to top it off with a Sexy Beast Hippo cookie (which I believe is from Amy's Cookies  Shellco Bakery) just cause I get fancy like that! 

Two Little Red Hens
1652 Second Avenue (between 85th & 86th St)
New York, NY 10028

or go to your nearest Dean & Deluca!