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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer in Rushmore

I finally saw Rushmore yesterday! I'm so infatuated with Jason Schwartzman's character, Max Fischer. There's something super nerdy, witty, eclectic, cool and classic about him.  It must be his collegiate look that set the tone for me. I totally dig his wardrobe in this movie thanks to costume designer, Karen Patch.

Here's some outfit screen shots that I took:

Do you dig his outfits? His clothes are awesome! Fitted blazer, collegiate tie, khaki chinos, blue chambray shirt, red beret, retro eyeglasses, brown leather messenger bag, Adidas Rod Laver Sneakers (with red laces), Burberry scarf, russian hat, bowties, and green velvet suit to get your Max Fischer on!   


  1. RUSHMORE is classic and I thank your lovely relative for putting me on...Jason as you know is a style icon of mine...I agree with all his style aesthetics...he a dope kat and awesome movie...nice post!!!

  2. Thanks for the love boobies. So funny we were just talking about Jason Schwartzman @ the gym too.. You so need to do a J.Schwartzman style icon post like right now!.

  3. Hello, aimeehustle!

    Thanks a lot for the description of Max's clothing ;). Definitely, he's got a cool style! (His Rushmore uniform kind of reminds me of a similar uniform male students used to wear at Chilean schools some time ago: a light blue shirt, a dark blue blazer, the school tie (navy blue with a few golden stripes, in my case), grey trousers and black shoes).

    And yes, I've watched "Rushmore" several times and have become infatuated with Max Fischer, too ;).

    Look after yourself!