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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"Exhibit C" by Jay Electronica (produced by Just Blaze)

I was hyped about J.Cole... but I think Jay Electronica is a better lyricist! Just listen. A breath of fresh air as we end '09 and continue on to the new year. I know I'm kind of late but I swear on iTunes (yes I buy music) and they just put this joint up. Listened to it once- didn't do anything for me. Gave it a few more listens and paid attention to the lyrics and got hooked. 
They call me Jay Electronica... F#@$% that! Call me Jay ElecHannukah... Jay ElecYarmulke... Jay ElecRamadaan... Muhammad... Asalaamica... Rasoul-Allah-Supana-Watallah through your monitor...
OH MY GOD!! Talk about word play. Question, so when is his album really going to drop? I want more! This is some hip-hop crack. 

On another note, so I thought I heard this sample before too from another person and I just realized it now. Guess who it was? J.Cole in "Get Away" from The Warm Up Mixtape! Funny koinkidink. 

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