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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paris, Je T'aime and Vampires in Love

Finished watching Paris, Je'Taime last night and this flick totally blows New York, I Love You out the water. It's 18 short love stories from 18 renowned film directors in five minute parts that revolve around different locations in Paris, the city of love <3. All the stories are unique in its own way, all romantic, some funny, some weird, some sad and tragic. However, personally watching the movie made me feel extra mushy and made me miss Paris a whole lot. It's such a beautiful city rich in art and architecture with a romantic atmosphere like no other country I've ever been to. It's just simply breath taking. The movie is superb with a roster of amazing actors like Elijah Wood, Natalie Portman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Nick Nolte, Willem Dafoe, and Gerard Depardieu. I was also excited to see the shorts from the Coen Bros. and Wes Craven who contributed to the film. Awesome movie, you MUST watch it.

Anyway, I had so many favorites (one being Natalie Portman's section, Francine) but this one struck me. It's a story about vampires who fell in love in Paris. Whoa! Anyway, this short stars Elijah Wood who discovers a mystic female vampire feeding on a man in the streets of Quartier De La Madeleine. She approaches him with the intent to satiate her thirst but looks at him rather with interest and glamors him and later walks away. In order to lure her back, Wood grabs a empty wine bottle and breaks it to cut his skin open to shed blood. The vamp senses the blood and looks back with lust in her eyes but does not give in to the temptation to feed and continues to walk away. The mortal is puzzled and bleeding profusely which causes him to become light headed and to accidentally tumble down the stairs. He kills himself during the fall and lays flat on the ground. A pool of blood pours out of the back of his head spreading out in a heart-shaped form (how ironic, don't you think?). His beloved female vamp senses he's in danger and approaches his lifeless body on the ground. She pierces her wrist with her fangs and offers her blood to speedy his recovery. His lips get a taste of her blood in a few minutes he realizes that he himself has transformed into a creature of the night. Hunger hits him as she holds him in an embrace and he suddenly bites her neck for a taste of more blood. She reacts surprisingly yet in a sadistic manner and aims for his neck to also get a taste in return. As the two feed on each other the screen shot comes to a close in a heart shaped close-up of the two vampires in love. AWW, how cute! Loved the dark imagery especially the use of the color red signifying blood and the love that bonded the two together. The director Vincenzo Natali did a wonderful job!

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  1. Hy!
    I loved!!
    I will put these video on my blog.
    I dont´ see yet the movie, so I will, translate a little bite of what you wrte and link you.
    I hope you dont mind.

    And great post.

  2. Hi Nina, thanks for still visiting. No problem. Hope your readers enjoy as well. I don't mind at all. :) Have a good one!