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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Serious Man = Some Serious Eye Wear

Finally saw A Serious Man, the latest film from the Coen Bros and I must admit, that movie got my brain all frazzled but in a very good way. I love movies that make me think and movies that give me a chance to formulate my own ending. If you want to know what I mean, I advise you to watch the movie because it's pretty amazing! Anyway, I couldn't help fall in love with some serious eye wear through out the film. Since the movie was set in the Midwest around 1967, the characters were wearing an array of retro specs. Loved them all! Check them out:

Larry Gopnik - Lemtosh from Moscot Originals

Sy Ableman

Sarah Gopnik

Miscellaneous Characters throughout the movie with awesome eye glasses

After seeing such great eye wear, I'm about to throw out my contact lenses and go back to wearing glasses! After all, people remember me as the short Asian girl with the glasses (and no folks, I am not Charlene Yi although we might look slightly alike.. hehe). Costume designer, Mary Zophres did an excellent job picking out specs for all the characters. Also on another note, I read somewhere that each set of glasses were made with two different lenses- one which was clear and another that is anti-reflective and coated which were alternated based on lighting. Sweet! Something I would have never known. There must have been a lot of glasses floating around the set. Are you feeling the retro specs? I sure am! :)

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NOTE: all pictures were taken via screen shot, pardon the crappy resolution...

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