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Friday, March 26, 2010

WTF: Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos?!

After late night partying last weekend, I needed a snack to munch on. So my friends and I went to a bodega to find a quick fix. Saw these Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos. Um.. super weird flavor? Yes! It joins the array of other weird snacks in the market like TGIFriday's Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skin Chips or Heinz Ketchup Potato Chips (which I love :-X). Anyway, I'm always down for super weird eats so I decided to try it. For $0.99? What do I have to lose? This foodie is willing to take a chance. So I ate one chip and I was confused as hell! My taste buds couldn't really decipher the taste so after the first crunch, I just kept eating them until I could distinguish its actual flavor. It definitely smelled like cheeseburgers but it had a meat and mustard and some ketchup and some onions kick to it. I think Doritos purposely threw in different tastes to confuse our flavor pallets so that we keep eating and eating! SMART! Sneaky sneaky! These chips were definitely a cheese Dorito once upon a time and was reincarnated with meat powder or something. The snack is super weird but not terrible. I'll probably eat it again if I have a craving for it but I wouldn't buy them by the bulk and keep them in my pantry. This flavor was actually a part of a campaign that Doritos ran in 2007 called "Doritos X-13D Flavor Experiment" where black bags were sold on the market for consumers to decipher the flavor. This one was hinted as "An American Classic". Would you try this?  

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LINK: Doritos

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Classic Watches From Fantastic Mr. Fox

So yesterday, Fantastic Mr. Fox was finally released on DVD and of course I needed it to complete my Wes Anderson DVD collection! Right when Mr. Fox was about to surrender to Boggis, Bunce and Bean- they had a section that zoomed into each animal's wrist watch. All I can say is, every each one was a classic time piece that every man should have. Of course I'm going to credit the great Wes Anderson for this just because he's involved with costume design in each and every one of his movies including this one. You're freakin' amazing! 

Here is what each watch reminded me of:




Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Givenchy Chain-Detail Jelly Sandals

This past weekend's rush of beautiful Spring weather got me thinking about sandals. So of course what do I do? I search online for options! Saw my new love, the Givenchy Chain-Detail Jelly sandals on the computer screen and fell in love. Like a fiend- I made the call, put them on hold and rushed to the store right after work and got there right before closing time. Once I put them on, it just felt right and it was a match made in heaven. I had to go with the all black just because it goes with everything, but they do also come in a grey/taupe color which also looks really nice. My great new impulse buy and my first pair of zhee-vawn-she's! Do you dig them? How could you not?

LINK: Saks Fifth Avenue

UPDATED 4/15/10:
Dearest Riccardo Tisci,
You have failed me. As much as I was excited and loved (note past tense) this season's jelly sandals- it cracked on my 2nd day of wearing them. What an utter disappointment to have to bring them back to the store. I didn't have the urge to exchange them for a new one because I was afraid it would crack on me again so I had no choice but to say good bye and get my money back. Just as a suggestion, please source better raw materials for next year. Maybe I won't mind spending over $230 if you can make my shoe experience last a little bit longer. I still love you though....

Disgruntled Consumer,
Aimee Astillero

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ginormous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Eats in Harlem

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my Brother William Yan! This week, we lived it up and celebrated Will's Birthday at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que for part I of his birthday weekend and it was amazing! We always hear rave reviews about this rib joint in Harlem but never seem to make our way Uptown. It was a perfect time to wander away from our usual food spots downtown and head up to 131st Street. The restaurant had a great ambiance. Loved the decor especially the framed old school cowboy movie posters which gave the spot a very western feel. They also had some soul music playing from a live band. The service from our waitress Tisi was superb and she kept filling our pitcher of sweet tea every so often. What about the food? Well, all I can say is WOW. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has the best ribs I've ever tried (in NYC that is). The meat is so tender that it falls easily off the bone unlike some rib joints that have ribs where you would have to gnaw off the meat from the bone (excuse me for such a carnivorous description). The meat was also juicy and well seasoned with their house spice rub. The serving however was quite overwhelming because it comes in such a gigantic portion so be sure you are super hungry or make sure to have starved yourself for a day if you want to finish your entire meal. 
Check out Daniel's full rack of ribs. I had some hope that he would conquer his plate, but umm- yeah he had a doggy bag at the end of the night. :P
DJ and Robin shared a "Sweetheart" plate - a full rack of ribs with four house sides. They did a good job cleaning their plates after using up half of the napkins on the table. Good job dudes!
and this was my plate... the "Nuevo" sampler, the "Traditional" sampler but smaller! Fit for a baby dinosaur like me. I had 1 pc. of chicken breast, 2 pcs of ribs, 2 slices of texas beef brisket, 2 sides (mac and cheese and fries.. yes, I loaded up on the carbs!) and a piece of honey hush corn bread. I didn't get to finish my entire meal because it was just way too much. But I really did enjoy the ribs and the brisket. I wasn't really too happy with the barbecue chicken because it seemed a little dry so I barely touched it. The mac and cheese had a nice cheesy consistency and you know you can't go wrong with fries.  I was extremely pleased at the end of my meal! 
I thought this was hilarious. Michelle (the beer experimentalist) decided to order this beer because she thought it was funny.  She said it tasted "ok". How fitting for a rib joint to serve this! haha!. 
The birthday boy himself with the "to die for" chocolate mousse pie with chocolate chips! It was deelish! I had to fight Laura for the last bite. :-X

Shout out to the following who came through for Will's Birthday dinner: @keefwasheretoo, @LadyChellez, @JustineDori, @AnnaWHY, @djtabao, @The9thStParlor, @DanielChan, @LAURASTYLEZ, & special guest appearance from @C_H_A_R_I!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY @WilliamYan!

I highly recommend this Harlem gem and you better believe that I'll be going back for more ribs real soon! 
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
646 West 131st Street
New York, NY 10027


Monday, March 15, 2010

Mayjuh Layzuh!

Check out this single from Major Lazer (Mayjuh Layzuh!!) called "Pon De Floor" feat. Vybz Kartel. It's a super catchy electro dance hall beat. Awesome party song! What I love most is the yelling loop or at least that's what I think it is? I really don't know how to describe it except it sounds pretty crazy dope. The drums are also pretty sick. I've been stuck on this song for awhile and while I'm by myself I keep thinking of the loop over and over and over again! Yes, I am a little crazy. :X  I'd post the actual music video, but it's kind of raunchy and nsfw! Ya'll know how that goes! So uh, you're going to have to look that up yourself. Oh! it's a plus to have Vybz Kartel on the track too just because he's gully with it (I heart me some "Gun Session"). 

There's also this other amazing Major Ernie (Bird Peterson) version called "Pon De Girls" that blends Major Lazer's "Pon De Floor" with Ernie K. Doe's "Here Comes The Girls". ENJOY! :) MAAYYYYJUHHH LAYZUUHH!! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So visionary Jeff Staple said it best from a tweet a few months back, "FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART... I HATE YOU, FASHION". You can actually interpret this quote in different ways. To me, I think of it in a love/hate context. I myself have a love/hate relationship with Fashion. Working in the Fashion industry makes me hate it to an extent because it's really not as glamorous as it seems. There's so much behind the scene BS that most don't even know about, but what industry doesn't have that right? Also, then again- I love it when I see inspirational run way pieces and shows that move me. Just when you think you're walking away from it, it sucks you back in! Freakin' fashion vortex! Love this tote, I think I'm going to have to stop by Reed Space to cop one. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gummo and Costume Design By Chloë Sevigny

Way before Chloë Sevigny collaborated with Humberto Leon to design her own line for Opening Ceremony, she was credited as a costume designer (also actor) in the 1997 cult film classic, Gummo written and directed by Harmony Korine (who also wrote the movie Kids). The film is based around the 70's and is set on a little town called Xenia, Ohio. Most people might remember this film because of Bunny Boy who is a prepubescent boy that runs around town with fluffy pink bunny ears shirtless with shorts. There's a classic scene in the movie where Bunny Boy is tormented by two other younger boys (one dressed with a cowboy hat and vest). Side note: A clip of this scene was actually in the movie, Belly which was directed by Hype Williams. The main story mainly revolves around Solomon and Tummler who kill cats with their BB guns and sell them to a grocer to finance their "glue huffing" addiction . Then you have Dot (Chloë Sevigny's character) and Darby who are two naive teen girls who are obsessed with making their nipples "perkier" by putting electric tape on them and pulling them off. Then there are little vignettes of other characters who talk about their miserable lives. The movie is quite disturbing and it's not really recommended for all (was rated NC-17 when it came out) because there's slight nudity, animal cruelty , suffering, prostitution, and other racy topics which one can view as injustice or immoral.  Anyway, the costume design for this movie fit the bill. I read somewhere that the clothing was purchased at a local thrift to preserve authenticity and it sure looks like. The steez is real 70's. I see denim, denim vests, denim jacket, old school heavy metal shirts, mesh jersey and cotton fabrics, color block tops, stripes, acid wash cropped denim, ripped denim, cut off shorts, floral prints, ruffles, racer back tanks, halter tops, polka dot print,checkerboard print, wind breaker jacket, red sunnies, camouflage pants, trucker hat, jacket patches and hi top sneakers all throughout the movie. 

Check out these screen shots that I took:

 I think the styling is so "American Apparel" meets N.E.R.D's "Lapdance" music video. I think Sevigny did a pretty awesome job for this movie. I also dig that fact that even though it's 2010, some of these looks are making a come back as far as trends especially the denim, prints and color block. What do you think?

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Sugary Sweet 16! ;)

This weekend, I chopped it up with my extended family- the Pearson's for Janaisia's Sweet 16. I baked some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for her special day. I sprinkled them with blue sugar and pink nonpareil sprinkles to match her theme.  Check them out!
My cupcakes were just an addition to her super awesome Nike Dunk Sneaker Cake (which was also red velvet). Happy Birthday Janaisia! Had a blast. Shout outs to the besties: William Yan, Lady Chellez and Keith Pearson who accompanied me for this special soirée.