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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gummo and Costume Design By Chloë Sevigny

Way before Chloë Sevigny collaborated with Humberto Leon to design her own line for Opening Ceremony, she was credited as a costume designer (also actor) in the 1997 cult film classic, Gummo written and directed by Harmony Korine (who also wrote the movie Kids). The film is based around the 70's and is set on a little town called Xenia, Ohio. Most people might remember this film because of Bunny Boy who is a prepubescent boy that runs around town with fluffy pink bunny ears shirtless with shorts. There's a classic scene in the movie where Bunny Boy is tormented by two other younger boys (one dressed with a cowboy hat and vest). Side note: A clip of this scene was actually in the movie, Belly which was directed by Hype Williams. The main story mainly revolves around Solomon and Tummler who kill cats with their BB guns and sell them to a grocer to finance their "glue huffing" addiction . Then you have Dot (Chloë Sevigny's character) and Darby who are two naive teen girls who are obsessed with making their nipples "perkier" by putting electric tape on them and pulling them off. Then there are little vignettes of other characters who talk about their miserable lives. The movie is quite disturbing and it's not really recommended for all (was rated NC-17 when it came out) because there's slight nudity, animal cruelty , suffering, prostitution, and other racy topics which one can view as injustice or immoral.  Anyway, the costume design for this movie fit the bill. I read somewhere that the clothing was purchased at a local thrift to preserve authenticity and it sure looks like. The steez is real 70's. I see denim, denim vests, denim jacket, old school heavy metal shirts, mesh jersey and cotton fabrics, color block tops, stripes, acid wash cropped denim, ripped denim, cut off shorts, floral prints, ruffles, racer back tanks, halter tops, polka dot print,checkerboard print, wind breaker jacket, red sunnies, camouflage pants, trucker hat, jacket patches and hi top sneakers all throughout the movie. 

Check out these screen shots that I took:

 I think the styling is so "American Apparel" meets N.E.R.D's "Lapdance" music video. I think Sevigny did a pretty awesome job for this movie. I also dig that fact that even though it's 2010, some of these looks are making a come back as far as trends especially the denim, prints and color block. What do you think?


  1. YES YES ...I'm inspired this is an awesome post...thanks for this. Justine would love the tiger face onesie...

  2. gummo has been a fave of mine since i first saw the movie! :)