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Friday, April 30, 2010

Obleas Con Cajeta is YUM

My boss came back from Mexico and brought these delicious treats back called Obleas Con Cajeta. It's simply delicious! It's basically a caramel candy sandwiched in between two wafers. The thin white and crispy wafer actually reminds of a communion host (if you're Catholic, you know what that is!LOL). The caramel in the middle is also very sweet and chewy. It doesn't taste like regular caramel because it's supposedly made using goat's milk (yum). The texture is also a bit different from your typical caramel because it's thicker and not as smooth. The bland crispiness of the wafer and the sweet and chewy caramel compliment each other pretty well. Not a bad treat if you're looking for something different and sweet! :) I'm sure you can find these at a local Mexican specialty store. If you see them, give it a try!  

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vampire Processing Center... If Only It Were That Easy!

Ugly AmericansWeds 10:30pm / 9:30c
Vampire Processing Center
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So everyone wants to be a vampire nowadays huh? Check out this funny clip from Comedy Central's Ugly Americans where Mark brings Tristen and Blayke (jee whiz, see the resemblance to Bella and Edward from Twilight? hilarz!) to the Vampire Processing Center where one can be turned into a vampire (once you are approved of course). Love how the show mocks Bella's obsession to being turned and pokes fun of the vampire elements from Twilight (animal blood vs human blood, vamps with no visible fangs). It's also hilarious how they mock Kirsten Stewart's acting too. I think I'm going to start tuning in to find out what happens next! Make sure to watch the show on Comedy Central every Wednesday nights at 10:30PM/9:30C!

Thanks to the homie Emeyesi for always helping me with material to blog about! Well.. the funny Twilight related ones... hehe ;) 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TrueBlood Frenzy

Whoa whoa... check out Season Three's super sexy cast photo. I love the foreshadowing of what's to come! Can you see it?!? Ok I can't resist, here's what I see (don't quote me though):
1) Eric seems to be in the middle of it all.. HMM!
2) Bill and Sookie looks so in love ... OH REALLY? 
3) I see a huge snake .. I sense 'deception' somewhere
4) I see a werewolf, perhaps another supernatural being enters the story line? Ahem Alcide!
5) Sam and Tara? Will they get back together?
6) Jason is mysteriously eye'ing Lafayette (possible relapse for his V addiction?)
7) Lafayette is up to something.. but isn't he always? Now that he's a bit more friendlier with the vamps, I'm sure something is definitely up. As an aside, in the book- Lafayette should have already died but I'm glad Alan Ball has been keeping his character in the story line because he's surely a fan favorite. 
8) Little Miss Hamby totally looks like a total SLORE. 
9) We get a little bit more of Pam this season. I like her, she's funny.

I am anxiously counting down the days to its premiere on June 13th. So soon yet so far away... So what have I been doing to amp myself up? Well for the past two months I have revisited Season One via Netflix (and occasionally on HBO On Demand) and have been watching Season Two every Sunday at 8pm on HBO. Let me tell you, the story never gets old. It just gets better each time! I've also been discussing the story line with Mr. Fox which also gives me a mental refresher as I often refer to the books during our discussion (NOTE TO SELF: read Club Dead again before Season Three begins).

Speaking of which, I received notification from Borders today that the newest addition to the Sookie Stackhouse novel (also the 10th book), Dead in the Family hits the stores on May 4th (pre-order here now)!!! Oh my! An awesome treat to read before Season Three hits the air waves! 

Are you super excited? I know I am!! Can you tell? hehehe

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP GURU (1966-2010)

RIP G.ifted U.nlimited R.hymes U.niversal (1966-2010)

From "Mass Appeal" to "Take it Personal" to "Dwyck" to "You Know My Steez" and to "Full Clip"... he is one of the reasons why I love Hip-Hop... lost but never forgotten...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Boro Bass Mix - Hip Hop x Drum and Bass

5 Boro Bass Mix by Its Overture

Check out this quickie 7 minute mix called, "Five Boro Bass Mix" from DJ RiVerse from the music duo Its Overture. RiVerse takes you on a Hip Hop x Drum and Bass 5 borough tour (even including the forgotten borough, Staten Island- WHAT!). Here's what's on the play list:

1. New York State Of Mind (Its Overture’s DnB Edit) - Nas (+) Mr Majestik (drums) - Calibre & High Contrast
2. Liquid Swords - Gza (+) Tough At The Top (drums) - EZ Rollers
3. Bucktown - Smif-N-Wessun (+) Tough At The Top (drums, bass) - EZ Rollers
4. Vital Nerve (Its Overture’s DnB Edit) - Company Flow (+) Railing (drums) - Roni Size
5. Takeover instrumental - Jay-Z/Kanye West (+) Overload - Future Cut

Love how he starts the mix off with the early 90's hip hop hit, "NY State of Mind" and progresses through the years. I actually think he even went in order (not including the Blahzay Blahzay "Danger" ending though). The mix is well calculated and I enjoyed the drum and bass mash up. I'm not well versed in drum and bass but after listening to this mix, it's something I wouldn't mind listening to another time. I also enjoyed how threw in some Company Flow (my favorite out of the 5 joints) for the underground hip hop heads and ended with Jay-Z's "Take Over" for something a little bit more familiar in this time period (my second favorite). Well done RiVerse! Can't wait for the next mix to drop.

If you liked this mix, be sure to check Its Overture and their counterpart, Voidstar tomorrow, April 17th at Fontana's (105 Eldridge Street) for Dubstep/Drum and Bass/Electrogrime goodness! I'll be there! ;)

LINK: Its Overture!!!