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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Luke's Lobster = Lobster Roll Bliss!

After hearing my good friend @JustineDori ranting and raving about Luke's Lobster in the East Village for awhile now, we finally made plans and visited the eatery yesterday for dinner. Prior to this, she told me that they use fresh Maine lobster for their lobster rolls. I'm always down for some fresh seafood. So without hesitation, we headed to Luke's Lobster! And our foodie adventure begins....
The menu on the wall

Justine ordering at the counter. She got a Lobster Schooner with a Maine Root Mandarin Orange Soda and Miss Vickie's Steakhouse BBQ chips.

My order: A Lobster Schooner and a side pickle with a Maine Root Blueberry Soda and Miss Vickie's Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Chips ($16 + tax). By the way, besides the Lobster Roll which I will gladly rave about shortly- I LOVED the Blueberry Soda. It tasted like fizzy Blueberry Kool Aid! Not to mention, it's organic. :) 

So this is what we came to Luke's Lobster for, the famous "Lobster Roll". Yes, it was everything I imagined and more. First of, it's the perfect size (about the size of an average hot dog bun) and comes with a pickle to compliment the meal. The soft roll was slightly toasted and was topped off with huge chunks of lightly seasoned (Old Bay Seasoning.. I'm guessing?) real Maine lobster. The lobster meat was cool, plump and juicy and you can taste the freshness in every bite. For quality seafood, I did not mind the price of the meal at all. I did however pour some butter and spread a little bit of mayo on my lobster roll for more added flavor. Overall, it was delicious and I savored every bite. After having the lobster, I'm really curious to try the crab and shrimp roll to compare. Well, I guess I'll just save that for the next trip to Luke's! ;) I can't wait... 

Upon request, they offer you butter sauce and mayo. Justine and I decided to try both.

Sometimes we underestimate how much food we can eat. All I can say is hunger talks! So Justine ordered the Lobster Bisque Soup which came with oyster crackers. I tried the soup and it tasted rich and savory. The lobster flavor and the creaminess of the soup complimented each other. It was Yum-O.

Besides the delicious eats, I loved the festive decor. Check out the wall! Does that scream Maine or what? :D

Oh, by the way- there's limited seating and it can get pretty packed in there. Glad it wasn't too busy when we went because Justine and I got to sit a little longer to chit chat.

The chalkboard in the front of the store to lure you in...

Cute slogan "From ME to you"... hehe get it? LOVE.

I can't stress how much I enjoyed my meal. The food was light and I didn't feel disgustingly full afterwards which is a really good sign. :-X I can't believe something so fresh and delicious could come out from such a little cute hole in the wall in the East Village. I will be making a trip real soon.. like probably next week because that crab roll is calling my name LOL. Oh, since they serve Ice Cream now I also saw a flavor called "Lobster Tracks" which makes me wonder- WTF! lobster flavored ice cream?! No freakin' way, that's like something off of an episode of Iron Chef! Sounds weird but I'm sure I'm brave enough to try it.  and of course, Luke's Lobster replied via twitter:
Whew! I would've tried it anyway even if it "was" lobster flavored. HAHA!! 

Anyway, I highly recommend it for yummy seafood eats! ;) 

Thanks to Justine for putting me on! Til' the next food outing! :)

Luke's Lobster
93 E 7th St
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
(212) 387-8487

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