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Sunday, July 25, 2010

EATS: Kiosko El Boricua - Pinoñes, Puerto Rico

So it's Day 2 of my vacation in Puerto Rico and so far so good! Our first stop was at Kiosko El Boricua in Pinoñes. I asked what's for breakfast and our hospitable hosts said, "bacalaitos and medalla beer". So we headed over to this roadside for some cheap eats and it was amazing! When locals buzz about eateries, you know it's got to be real good...

The food is fresh and prepared in front of your eyes!

They also barbecue on the grill.

The menu. Can you see how cheap the food is?!? For $7 or less, you will be extremely full with a happy belly. I know I was! ;)

$1 Medalla beer to guzzle on while you eat your food. This beer is pretty damn good. Very light and amazingly refreshing for a beer!

My meal:
1) alcapurrias - crab meat (jueyes) or meat (carne) stuffed inside a plantain and deep-fried. It was real crispy when you bite into it. And the meat inside was savory. It's real filling and a bit on the heavy side.
2) bacalaito - fried bacalao fish. It was super thin, crunchy, flavorful and light! The only downside is it was super greasy. Wish I would've wiped it down with tissue before eating but nevertheless it was my favorite out of the two. This is definitely one of the best fried fish I've ever tried.

Jueyes Alcapurria! Mmm.. Crabmeat!

Overall it was a wonderful experience. Great eats for such an affordable price. Be sure to come early though because the line can be extremely long and it's not something I would consider as "fast food" but at the end of it all... The food is worth the wait!

Kiosko El Boricua - Pinoñes, Puerto Rico by Las Playas Aviones

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