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Sunday, August 29, 2010

TRAVEL: New York Aquarium - Brooklyn, NY

It was beautiful in New York this weekend so Mr. Fox and I had to take advantage of Summer's last hurrah by visiting the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn. I haven't been here for years and going back as an adult gave me a different perspective on how much I enjoy marine life. Here's some pictures from our visit:
The Aquarium is just an amazing place to be. It's fun and educational- great for all ages. I really enjoyed my visit. My highlight was the walrus and the penguins. I was kind of upset the touch pool was closed, but nevertheless it was great seeing marine life up close. We also viewed the 4D Planet Earth: Shallow Seas show (additional $4) which was pretty cool. There's several exhibits and attractions to see. The New York Aquarium is a great place to visit if you're willing to wander out of Manhattan- plus, the Coney Island Boardwalk is just next door if you're looking for a fun-filled day!

New York Aquarium
602 Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EATS: A Salt & Battery - Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips- how I love thee! I'm a huge fried fish fan and when it's time to chow down, it's most perfect companion is my other all time fave- fries or as the British would call it, chips! Finally went to A Salt & Battery in Greenwich Village for dinner with the bestie @williamyan today and it was as I described it to Will verbatim- AMAZINGLY GOOD.

We ordered the small fish and shrimp combo to share.

Fried Fish and Shrimp perfection!

The fish was fresh, deep-fried in vegetable oil goodness, light, crispy and not soggy (like the bad kind of fish and chips- yuck!). The shrimp was also super crunchy and flavorful because the same batter used on the fish! My only complaint is that the fries were a little soggy as I would've preferred it to be crunchier BUT the tartar sauce for dipping sauce made up for it! The sauce wasn't heavy and I could taste the dill and it had some bite to it because of the relish. If you don't like tartar sauce, malt vinegar is also an available condiment. Another crowd pleaser seems to be the mushy peas (note to self: get this next time too!) since almost everyone eating inside was eating this side. The meal was incredible and this is as authentic as it can get outside the UK (if not, BETTER.. yeah, I said it!).

Also saw my college friend, Marisa who happened to be ordering this scrumptious dessert, Fried Mars Bar (say what?!?). She claims to get this each time she visits the eatery so it must be delicious and addictive!

This place is great! I will definitely be a repeat customer- Friendly staff and amazing eats is all it takes for me to come back! Don't let the name fool you- you will be coming back for more A Salt & Battery once you try it! ;)

P.S. They also offer different kinds of fish fry- pollock, haddock, sole and whiting. What great variety!

A Salt & Battery
112 Greenwich Avenue
(12th and 13th Streets)

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

DESSERT: Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie in Red Hook

Hey Dexter- Remember when Camilla put you on a search for the best Key Lime Pie while she was on her death bed? Well you should've sailed your boat down to Pier 41 for Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie in Red Hook, Brooklyn!
Who would've thought that behind these doors you would find the most incredibly delicious Key Lime Pie hands down.. and it's not even in Florida! It's in Brooklyn!
It is PERFECTION- light, sweet, smooth and creamy, tart (but not too tart) with a crumbly Graham Cracker crust! After each bite, you crave for more. Actually- I'm craving it as I write this blog post! It is so good.

Price List is as follows:
10" Pie - $25
8" Pie - $15
4" Tart - $4
Swingle - $5

I think next time I visit, I want to try the Swingle, a chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick! Doesn't that sound amazing? Most of the people eating outside were enjoying a Swingle so it must be the customer favorite!
You can devour your pie on the small table outside or you can walk around with a Swingle in your hand and enjoy the view of the water.
This place is definitely a hidden gem under its industrial looking facade. If you're around Red Hook and craving something amazing and sweet.. head on over to Steve's! You will not regret it! If you've never tasted a Key Lime pie, try it here and you will fall in love with it and other pies will never taste the same.

Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie 
204 Van Dyke Street
(between Conover and Van Brunt St)
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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