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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chanel #509 - 'Paradoxal' Nail Polish

I love getting my nails done. What about you ladies? For years and years I've been known for my trademark red nail polish that I would wear regardless the season. By the way, I started off with a red color from Bourjois then to Mac Cosmetics and now graduated to Chanel (first bottle was gifted by @keefwasheretoo). It's really hard for me to become fixated with a nail polish color. It's on my fingernails and I see it all the time so that would mean the color should be neutral to me and I have to LOVE it (my OCD kicking in). I would say that I only have a handful of colors that I would consider my favorites. I got this Chanel color at Macy's last week and was itching to get my nails done right after and all I can say it's love at first sight. The color is amazing! It's a rich and creamy plum color that somewhat looks like a grey in the dark but if you look closely in direct sunlight it has a plum metallic shimmer that pops. Does that make sense? If it doesn't then I guess that's because the color is truly "Paradoxal" to the eye! You can never quite interpret its color- it changes like a purple chameleon. This color looks great and is sure to match my Fall wardrobe. I thought paying over $10 for a bottle of nail polish was ludicrous and now that I've finally graduated to a $25 (with NY state tax) bottle of Chanel nail polish- I have no regrets. I'll gladly pay more than double for timeless color and quality lacquer that doesn't chip off in two days.

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