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Saturday, November 20, 2010

EVENT: Jay-Z in Conversation With Charlie Rose x DECODED @ Brooklyn Museum

On Thursday Night, I was lucky enough to witness Jay-Z being interviewed by Charlie Rose about his new book, Decoded at the Brooklyn Museum. It was a full house with some familiar faces in the audience from Hova's circle such as his Mother, Beyonce and Steve Stoute. As always, Jay-Z was a pleasant interviewee as he answered Rose's question with finesse and humor. I've witnessed Jay-Z once during a live taping before (VH-1 Storytellers) and he's really a humble dude in my opinion- down to earth and is known to crack jokes to put you at ease. He even had Charlie Rose laughing as Jay-Z corrected his pronunciation of "Tupac" as "two-pack" which ended with chuckles and a fist bump. He spoke briefly about growing up, selling crack at a young age in Marcy Projects, his lyrics and song writing, and his life after "making it". After the taping, Jay-Z also participated in a Q&A with the audience where devout fans asked a mix of intelligent and some ridiculous questions and he was gracious enough to answer all without stumbling. I think my favorite part of the Q&A was when a young lady came up and was telling Mr. Carter how proud she was of him and out of nowhere, Jay-Z told her to sing and she started to sing "What's the meaning... what's the meaning of life..." and we all realized that she was the woman who sang the hook to his song, "In My Lifetime (Remix)" which was the one of the first records Jay released under Roc-A-Fella Records. It was an amazing night and always an honor to hear Mr. Carter speak. Stay tuned to the Charlie Rose show for its air date.
Check out some images below:

 Photograph by William Yan

Check out this video of Jay-Z as he chooses his Top 5 MC's for a ultimate cipher:

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