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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TRAVEL: Alpacalachin Farms in Apalachin, NY

I visited Alpacalachin Farms today in Apalachin (Upstate NY). Alpacas are bred for their soft, warm and fleecy fiber which is used to make woven sweaters, mittens, blankets, scarves and ponchos. They kind of look like camels without the hump or resemble a llama but are smaller in size. Ahh.. Alpacas are such cute and cuddly creatures! If you're looking for something to do when visiting Upstate, NY- head over to Alpacalachin Farms for a tour and be sure to check out their gift shop for one of a kind fashion finds. If you're interested, you can even buy an Alpaca! ;) 
Alpacalachin Fashions
2571 Chestnut Ridge Road
Apalachin, NY 13732

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