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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FILM: The Fighter by David O. Russell

I saw The Fighter by David O. Russell this past weekend after the fear that it won't be in theaters very long and boy I sure am glad I watched it! I knew that this movie was a must see for 2011, not just because Mark Wahlberg has the star role (I still remember the first time I saw him in person with @AnnaWHY at Bar Pitti *drool*) but because lately I learned to appreciate the sport of Boxing (because of Manny Pacquiao of course). 

So what is it about? It's about an Irish fighter named Micky Ward's (played by Wahlberg) struggle to achieve the light welterweight championship. He's torn between trying to pursue his dreams versus family loyalty. Worst of it all, Ward is overshadowed by the drama of his older brother / former boxer / slacker trainer turned crack addict, Dicky Ecklund. I was expecting this movie to be "average" but was swayed after Christian Bale's epic performance as Dicky Ecklund. Check out the picture above and see how much weight he lost for this role! Bale was very effective and his role was also emotionally moving. This movie is excellent for a "based on a true story" flick! The characters were all convincing and I give an honorable mention to Amy Adams who plays as Micky's girlfriend and Melissa Leo who plays as his mother. If it's still out the next few weeks, I highly suggest you see it! I'm kind of surprised it didn't do as well in box office sales because it definitely has all the elements that make an amazing film.

Check out the trailer below:

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