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Saturday, February 5, 2011

EATS: Sushi Night With Fisherman Dave & Mr. Fox

It's cold and rainy outside so what better day to stay in and make some home made sushi? It's been awhile since I made sushi hand rolls. I was real rusty at first but after a few tries, I finally got it down perfect and started to make rolls like a mad woman! The best part is that we used the Tuna that my buddy Fisherman Dave caught at the end of the summer (it was freeze dried since then FYI.. haha). We ate Avocado Tuna Rolls, California Rolls and Avocado Maki for Mr. Fox (he doesn't eat fish). Sushi night was a great success! Thanks to Fisherman Dave for hanging out and sharing his Tuna. It was really fun and easy. Oh, and I'll promise to work on better presentation and better ingredients the next time around...
The Tuna that Fisherman Dave caught during the Summer... We ate the Toro (middle) or the belly for Sushi night!
My Sushi rolling area!
Our left-overs! I made the assorted giant rolls and Fisherman Dave made the Tuna Sushi Ngiri.
That's a pretty and colorful California Roll! Isn't it? ;) 

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