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Friday, April 30, 2010

Obleas Con Cajeta is YUM

My boss came back from Mexico and brought these delicious treats back called Obleas Con Cajeta. It's simply delicious! It's basically a caramel candy sandwiched in between two wafers. The thin white and crispy wafer actually reminds of a communion host (if you're Catholic, you know what that is!LOL). The caramel in the middle is also very sweet and chewy. It doesn't taste like regular caramel because it's supposedly made using goat's milk (yum). The texture is also a bit different from your typical caramel because it's thicker and not as smooth. The bland crispiness of the wafer and the sweet and chewy caramel compliment each other pretty well. Not a bad treat if you're looking for something different and sweet! :) I'm sure you can find these at a local Mexican specialty store. If you see them, give it a try!  

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