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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TrueBlood Frenzy

Whoa whoa... check out Season Three's super sexy cast photo. I love the foreshadowing of what's to come! Can you see it?!? Ok I can't resist, here's what I see (don't quote me though):
1) Eric seems to be in the middle of it all.. HMM!
2) Bill and Sookie looks so in love ... OH REALLY? 
3) I see a huge snake .. I sense 'deception' somewhere
4) I see a werewolf, perhaps another supernatural being enters the story line? Ahem Alcide!
5) Sam and Tara? Will they get back together?
6) Jason is mysteriously eye'ing Lafayette (possible relapse for his V addiction?)
7) Lafayette is up to something.. but isn't he always? Now that he's a bit more friendlier with the vamps, I'm sure something is definitely up. As an aside, in the book- Lafayette should have already died but I'm glad Alan Ball has been keeping his character in the story line because he's surely a fan favorite. 
8) Little Miss Hamby totally looks like a total SLORE. 
9) We get a little bit more of Pam this season. I like her, she's funny.

I am anxiously counting down the days to its premiere on June 13th. So soon yet so far away... So what have I been doing to amp myself up? Well for the past two months I have revisited Season One via Netflix (and occasionally on HBO On Demand) and have been watching Season Two every Sunday at 8pm on HBO. Let me tell you, the story never gets old. It just gets better each time! I've also been discussing the story line with Mr. Fox which also gives me a mental refresher as I often refer to the books during our discussion (NOTE TO SELF: read Club Dead again before Season Three begins).

Speaking of which, I received notification from Borders today that the newest addition to the Sookie Stackhouse novel (also the 10th book), Dead in the Family hits the stores on May 4th (pre-order here now)!!! Oh my! An awesome treat to read before Season Three hits the air waves! 

Are you super excited? I know I am!! Can you tell? hehehe


  1. I like your thoughts on the poster, I was thinking a few of the same things. Plus I think Pam is funny too. Can't wait for book 10, it will help make the time go a little faster until season 3.

  2. I think it's because of you and this blog that I actually sat and watched True Blood on demand. I wasn't a big fan but there had to be something since I sat there and watched the entire season.

  3. @J Dubs - wow thanks for your comment. It's always a pleasure to convert people to the show. I was never really into vampires like that til' I started watching True Blood. If you think the show is addicting, I dare you to read all the books! >:) Thanks dude!