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Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Yorker or Tourist: Pick A Lane!

Saw this on the NY Daily News website and thought it was clever! Anonymous artist(s) divided up a sidewalk into separate walk ways for "New Yorkers" and "Tourists" on 5th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street. OMG, can we do this for every side walk?! As you know, if you're a "New Yorker" that time is of the essence, I mean we live in a fast-paced city. One of the nuisances that I encounter the most when walking the streets of Manhattan is the annoying tourists that block the side walk and the ones that walk as slow as a turtle. I know it's a bad habit to just want to push them out of the way and give them some sort of 'tude but it's instinctive to me! Yeah, I know I'm rude! I'm sorry. I speed walk everywhere I go and you best believe that if you are a New Yorker, it's our nature when it comes to reaching our destination. 
So, which lane will you walk in? :)

LINK: NY Daily News

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