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Monday, January 24, 2011

SNACK: Trader Joe's Mocha European Style Low-fat Yogurt

Because I've been such a glutton during the holidays, I decided to start off the new year by going on a diet in hopes of shedding some of the added weight. Diets are never easy and it's a real commitment. I don't like depriving myself so I'm always in search of great, delicious and healthy foods. One problem that i encounter each time is not being able to indulge in sugar! I can't deny it- I love sweets and desserts... it's my weakness! Anyway, yesterday while shopping at Trader Joe's, I found this amazing Mocha European Style Low-fat Yogurt... I think I found my new obsession!! It's so creamy and sweet with a hint of mocha flavor. It has that particular "tangy" yogurt-y taste which I don't usually like but works well with the mocha flavor and I find myself trying to chase the taste! I also tried the chocolate flavor which is pretty damn good too! It tastes like a really light mousse. Best of all- this sweet treat is only 130 calories and has 2 grams of fat! I would take the extra 30 calories over those 100 calorie Dannon brand fruit yogurts just to get my sweet fix! Oh, and it's only $0.99 a cup and totally worth it! This new snack is amazing and definitely guilt-free! For the people following the Weight Watchers point system such as myself, it's only 3 points! So glad I found this yummy yogurt. I think I have to plan my next trip to Trader Joes asap!!

LINK: Trader Joe's

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  1. try it with granola

  2. I agree. This yogurt is awesome, and a great alternative to a sugary cookie or ice cream!