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Monday, February 7, 2011

EATS: Hunter Dave's Venison Chili

First off, I hope everyone had a great Superbowl Sunday and Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers! My buddy Hunter Dave aka Fisherman Dave cooked Venison Chili yesterday as part of his Superbowl Feast. He used his crock pot to slow cook the amazing Chili and it simmered for hours so you know it had to be flavorful and it was indeed! I never tried "deer" before but I heard it's a very lean meat. So what does it taste like? It tasted like sausage and beef combined with a very crumbly texture. It was a little gamey tasting but not gross. It's definitely for people with acquired taste. As far as the Chili itself, it was delicious! It was mild and the tomato was chunky which is how I like it. I'm not a fan of saucy and watery Chili. The texture has to be chunky and hearty! Hunter Dave used cannellini beans and also added corn which I loved (good touch)! The Chili was delicious and eating venison meat was definitely an adventure! I enjoyed it very much. The Filipino girl in me would've liked rice with the dish, but I'm trying to cut down on carbs... LOL!

P.S. It's kind of funny and a little ironic that the same day Dave cooked his Chili, Mr. Fox and I watched Bambi earlier that day! Like the movie, sometimes "Man" gets in the way- but it's a cycle of life and I guess "deer" would be considered as part of the food chain. Sorry to all the animal lovers out there, but as I took a bite of the venison, I did keep Bambi in mind... :-X

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