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Thursday, June 30, 2011

EATS: Oyster Soondubu from BCD Tofu House

If you've been following my tweets, I have been tweeting about Korean Soft Tofu Soup or Soondubu and how delicious it is. I am seriously obsessed! I told one of my Korean co-workers that I'm sick and tired of always ordering the same thing when I eat at K-town. It's always Jap Chae, Bulgogi or Bibimbap. Give me something different already. So my coworkers brought me to BCD Tofu House and introduced me to this gnarly looking soup.

But before the entree, they serve you a tasty fried Croaker fish for appetizer and complimentary Korean Banchan!

Colorful Korean Banchan! I love the Kimchi and the Potato Salad. I was really looking forward to the Bean Sprouts but they didn't have it that day...
Ok so as they brought it out to the table, I didn't know how to react because it looks pretty crazy, Mr. Fox jokingly compared it to, a Witch's Brew when I showed him the picture. The rust colored soup is served in a scolding hot stone pot with floating oysters and an egg (that you must crack as soon as you get your bowl so the hot pot cooks it). Does it sound appetizing? No? Well don't knock it til you try it! It is soooo freaking good! The spicy warm soup is so comforting and the silky texture of the soft tofu and the added taste of the oysters from the sea is a magical combination. The Koreans also like to eat this stew with White Rice which makes it even more amazing (I love me some carbs!). I love it's spiciness too. I didn't think I would like this soup, but after my first taste- I was instantly converted! My friends Insik and Minjung said that there's different variations of this soup, ranging from Kimchi, Seafood, Oysters, Pork and Beef. Oh man, I can't wait to try it all! This soup has such a rich and unique taste that is quite comforting. You must try it!

BCD Tofu House
17 W. 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001

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