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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TRAVEL: Philippine Eats

I know it's been over a month since I got back from the Philippines but don't think I wasn't going to share my culinary adventures, did you? My schedule was pretty hectic but I managed to snap some pictures of my blog worthy foodventures. So here you go, enjoy the mouth watering visuals:
Corned Beef Pan De Sal
Filipinos LOVE Corned Beef besides Spam. Found this at a Starbucks. The Corned Beef was baked on the inside of the bread. So good and savory!
Dalandan (left) and Calamansi (Right) Juice from Cafe Juanita 
Dalandan and Calamsi are citrus fruits native to the Philippines. Dalandan is more like an Orange while Calamansi is more like a Lemon Lime. So refreshing during hot Summer days!
Pinakbet w/ Bagoong (fermented shrimp) Dipping Sauce
Melange of fresh vegetables and shrimp. Great with white rice!
Pork Sisig
 The idea of eating Pig cheek and snout (that's what "Sisig" is) sounds really revolting but in a Third World country, nothing goes to waste! The cheek and snout are chopped up into small pieces and cooked until it is extremely crunchy. This dish is traditionally served as "pulutan" or bar food with a nice glass of cold beer (preferable San Miguel or Red Horse.. HA!) but can be also be enjoyed as an entree served with rice!
Halo-Halo (translated as "mix-mix" in English)
 This is a very traditional Filipino dessert. It's served in a tall glass (or bowl) with layers beginning with shaved ice, evaporated milk, beans (sounds gnarly but you'll be surprised!), fruit (sugar palm fruit, coconut, and caramelized plantain, gelatin, Ube (taro) ice cream, and sometimes topped off with flan! It's really yummy!
 Cafe Juanita Goodies Shelf
Home Made Shrimp and Fish Kebabs with Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Green & Red Peppers
 Kuya (Big Brother) Paul cooked this light and tasty appetizer! It was cooked perfectly.
 Traditional Filipino Rice noodles which usually has ground pork, red bell peppers and cabbage for texture. Most usually cook this dish with soy sauce and patis (fish sauce) and lemon for flavor. For special occasions, Chinese sausage can sometimes be added.
Home Made Lamb Kaldereta w/ Rice, Fish & Shrimp Kebabs & Pancit Plate
Chocolate Coffee Crunch Cake
 If you're one of my close friends or family, this cake might look familiar to you. My Mom is the only person I know that can bake her famous and amazing Coffee Crunch cake (w/ Vanilla Sponge Cake though)! Someone bought this cake during a family dinner in the Philippines. This one is the Chocolate version! It's Chocolate Sponge Cake with Coffee crunchies in the middle with a Whipped Cream Icing! So good!!
Crispy Pata (Deep-Fried Pork Leg) from Via Mare
 During our last day, we had our Family lunch at Tita Glenda Barretto's restaurant, Via Mare. I didn't eat this dish, but I wanted to share it with my readers. I needed to watch my cholesterol so I opted not to eat it.According to Tita G, the secret is to boil the Pork leg first so the meat is moist, then fry it in super hot oil. It sure looks crunchy!
Iced Dessert Trio
 (Left to Right): Ginumis (shaved ice w/ evaporated milk, pinipig, and tapioca), Mais Con Hielo (shaved ice, corn, milk and sugar), Halo-Halo (ingredients are above) from Via Mare
Bibinka from Via-Mare
It's basically a rice mochi with a salted egg baked in and topped off with Coconut shavings. It's best to eat after it's freshly baked. Some people like to smear some butter on top, kind of like eating a hot pancake! 

In  conclusion, Filipino food is for people with acquired taste buds. It might not be for everyone, but if you have an open palate it might be one of the most delicious and interesting food you will ever taste! We have a lot of weird ingredients but it makes sense to us. As mentioned above, because it's a Third World country, we make the best out of what we have so we learn to appreciate any and every part of an animal (sorry Vegans) as a means of survival. We also like to add the weirdest ingredients (like beans in a dessert) just because it makes sense to us! Just think of Remy the Rat from the movie Ratatouille. He learned to make additions to his recipes simply because the ingredients he put together made his food taste better! :) 

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