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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CANDY: Pretzel M&M's

After reading my post on the Coconut M&M's, my buddy @AlmightyDJKo told me to try the Pretzel M&M's next and shortly after gifted me FOUR bags after insisting that it was pretty damn amazing. As soon as I returned to the office from my lunch break today, I opened a bag and KO wasn't kidding, it is GREAT and way better than the Coconut M&M's! I had mentioned before that Crispy M&M's were one of my favorite flavors and this new flavor is equivalent in taste and texture but a little saltier (funny how both flavors are sold in the blue package!). Not to mention, a bag is only 150 calories and 5 grams of fat which makes it a good sweet indulgence! No guilt after finishing a whole bag at all!! The M&M pieces are also double the size of a plain M&M because there is an actual crunchy pretzel ball covered with chocolate then the candy covered coating. You get that "crunchy, salty, sweet" mix on your taste buds as Mars had advertised- they weren't lying. The best part of it all is it is under a dollar, only $0.75 a bag! This candy is a definite win! I LOVE it. I'll be sure to hold on to my remaining three bags and save them for a rainy day. Hope Mars decides to keep this flavor on the market... because I like it A LOT! ;)

Thanks again to @AlmightyDJKO for the candy treats. An early Halloween treat for me! ;)

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