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Saturday, November 6, 2010

CANDY: Green Tea Kit Kat

Kit Kat bars have always been a favorite chocolate treat for me. It's the candy I crave the most and the only candy I would really buy. Today my twinbee Tammie shared her Green Tea Kit Kat straight from Japan! I always wanted to try this flavor but for some weird reason it's never available in local Japanese groceries. It is as delicious as green tea ice cream. It has a white chocolate creamy taste infused with green tea match with a wafer crunch! I loved it! Hope I can get my hands on these again because it really tastes amazing... and amazing enough to sway me from Chocolate flavored Kit Kats! *gasp* I suggest that if you run across this- to definitely try it and buy me one on the side too! It's not as weird as it sounds! ;)

Remember that episode from The Office when Andy Bernard kept singing "Give me a break.. Give me a break.. Break me off a piece of that.... " and he kept trying to figure out what it was? haha, thought the side of the Green Tea Kit Kat Bars would help him remember :P

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  1. woooow!!
    amiee thats soo wild! i love kitkat, but green tea, i must search for it!
    -Jose aka pelenguino

  2. oo so i yelp.com kit kat green tea!
    we must go find it!!
    it shows that there are several stores that have it!!


  3. Our boss brought some of these back from a trip to Japan and we have looked all over for these in the States--no luck so far!