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Saturday, November 6, 2010

DESSERT: Momofuku Crack Pie

Holy ish! I have never tasted a pie as amazing as Momofuku's Crack Pie! It does not contain "crack" but sure is as addicting like it. It's definitely a slice of heaven. After one bite, you keep chasing the taste to figure out what exactly is in this amazing dessert and it's really simple! The crust is based out of crumbled cookie with rolled oats instead of your average graham cracker or pie dough crust. The filling consists of butter, heavy cream, sugar and eggs and that's it! It's so simple and so delicious! The filling is very rich and sweet while the crust is buttery, gooey and chewy- the combination is just a party in your mouth! I am in love with this pie. For a $5.25 per slice or $44 for a 10" pie price tag- money ain't a thing! It is so good that Momofuku trademarked the name! You must head to either one of Momofuku Milk Bar's locations.. STAT! Oh and if you don't live in the NY area, you can get a piece of the pie by ordering online! ;)

Momofuku Milk Bar - East Village
207 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Follow @momomilkbar on Twitter!

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