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Monday, February 22, 2010

Gold & Wood - B10 Frames

Dropped by Morgenthal Frederics on West Broadway this week and saw my dream frames- the B10 by Gold & Wood. These aren't just any pair of eyeglasses- it's made out of wood, well-crafted, rare, and extremely unique! When I tried the black on black pair on, I fell in love. It fits my round face very well and the actual frames did not look too big like most retro looking pairs of glasses that I've tried on. The base of the temples are made out of titanium and adjusts to the width of your face. What I love most however is how the bridge of the glasses sit perfectly on the bridge of my nose. Since I have a button nose, most glasses I try on have that annoying gap which can only be fixed with the addition of ugly nose pads. The rim of the glasses also do not sit on my cheek and are a perfect size. It can also be converted into sunglasses if you don't wear prescription glasses. My first choice is the black on black and then the black on brown for contrast. Does anyone want to buy these for me? It's only $1,100 (not including cost of lens)! >:)

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