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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keep It Real?

In the land of Hip-Hop, "Keeping It Real" is such an over used statement but there's always an exception- one being The Roots from illadelph. I just love this music video simply because the captions just poked fun of all the typical music videos during the 90's when everything was "jiggy". Thought I'd take ya'll back. This joint is what got me hooked on The Roots.. Oh, and don't forget that soulful dude Raphael Saadiq who sings the catchy hook! From being the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and their new album, How I Got Over dropping next week (June 22nd)... The Roots have come a long way with more success to come in the future. Gotta love Hip-Hop music with content...

that's why my motto's to "Never dooo... What They Do, What They Do, What They Do..."

video via YouTube
LINK: The Roots

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