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Friday, June 25, 2010

TrueBlood: Meet Talbot...

So for the past two seasons, Lafayette Reynolds has always been my favorite 'flamboyant' character in TrueBlood. However, I think I may have grown fond of a new character this time around for Season 3- meet Talbot. He's Russell Edgington's (vampire the King of Mississippi) lover of over 700 years, played by Greek actor- Theo Alexander. All I can say is he's fabulous *snaps fingers* and this is why:
Look at his demeanor as he welcomes Bill into the mansion after gracefully walking down the stairs...
Love his mannerism as he clings onto Bill taking him up to his guest room while explaining the horror story history of where he's about to stay... 
Look at the door he picked for the guest room, "100% Sterling Silver from Morocco". As you know, vampires are not too fond of silver. What a deadly choice huh?
I read in the NY Post blog that this robe is Tom Ford. Say whaa? He's a fashionista too?! Love him even more! 
Here's Talbot looking extremely young and vibrant in comparison to his aged lover, Russell.
During the beginning of dinner, Talbot serves his guests "Chilled Carbonated Blood" and claims that it's "cruelty free and willingly donated by a person who ate only tangerines for weeks". I guess that's justifies it? 
Check out the dining room setting. I'm sure Talbot had something to do with this! 
For your entree, "warm blood bisque infused with rose petals" ... FANCY!
For your dessert, "blood gelato with a mint garnish".
Just look at him! I love this new guy Talbot. His accent is great, he's snappy, edgy, extravagant, flamboyant, charming, romantic, dramatic... I also like Alan Ball's twist because he portrays Talbot as a vampire. In the novel, Talbot is actually human. Can't wait to see more of him this season along with his quirky old lover Russell... something's definitely stirring up! Do you dig this new character?


  1. Also when Sookie said "I keep thinkin he'll walk in here any minute and say 'soookeh!'" I died. Reminded me of this .gif: http://i48.tinypic.com/334rv55.gif

  2. haha that gif is hilarious. Her impersonation was pretty funny when that scene w/ jason was supposed to be somewhat serious. SOOKEH!

  3. dude I love him too! he started talkin about Elizabeth Bathory and I died.