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Sunday, August 22, 2010

EATS: Ping's Restaurant in Elmhurst

After a fun night in the city the night before, my Chinese brother @williamyan and sister @JustineDori decided to meet up with me for dim sum at Ping's Restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens yesterday morning. It's been awhile since I had some authentic dim sum (I usually go to Chinatown in the city)... how could I say no? It was my first time dining with someone who speaks the Cantonese language (Will) so picking food was much easier this time around instead of playing a food guessing game as the ladies pushed their cart around trying to explain what's inside the steaming bamboo basket. Here's what we ended up ordering:
Spare Ribs in black bean sauce (top), Steamed shrimp dumplings (middle), and Chicken feet with black bean sauce (bottom). I tried the two before but the chicken feet is a first for me. I remember seeing these in palengkes (Filipino food market) in the Philippines where they would barbecue it in a skewer and they called it "Adidas" because a chicken has three toes and the Adidas brand is known for the three stripes... Get it? Anyway I never tried it back then so I decided to try it now. I thought it would be gross but it was surprisingly good. I see it being a texture issue for most people since it's a bit chewy and gelatinous and you are chewing on bones but it definitely acquired its robust flavor from the black bean sauce. It wasn't a bad first. I don't think I can stomach eating steamed chicken feet by itself in all honesty, but if you can mask it with a tasty sauce like this one then I'd definitely eat it.
Ahh... My usual favorite, steamed rice noodle with baby shrimp inside topped with a sweet tasting soy sauce! Super light and the sauce is killer! A "must" during dim sum!
Ok this one is dish that can be submitted to thisiswhyyourefat.com... It's deep fried shrimp wrapped in bacon with mayonnaise on the side. I tried it of course out of curiousity- I know it looks wild and it tasted really oily but if you're a bacon lover, this is something for you to try. It's a bit on the heavy side for me. Not something I'd order again...
Last but not least... Deep fried taro dumplings!!! I've been searching for this for a long time. Can you believe I never knew what this was until yesterday? Every time I get into a dim sum discussion with people, I ask them about this dish and call it "birds nest" because that's what it looks like! Doesn't it? It was just one of those things that I ate and never knew what it was. :-X Anyway. I love it! It's crunchy when you first bite into it then you chew on the soft taro inside. Delicious! I'm such a sucker for crunchy food.
Hot Chrysanthemum tea.. the perfect dim sum drink!
One of the ladies walking around offering dishes from table to table...
The manager smiled for me! He was nice and was telling me to take more pictures of food. ;) Thanks!

When it comes to dim sum, I think you need to have an acquired palate for foods that are considered delicacies in other countries. We could have played it safe and picked out foods we're familiar with- but what's the fun in that? I thank my parents for teaching me how to eat with an open mind and this is the attitude I bring when it comes to chowing down on some yummy dim sum. Thanks to Will and Justine for being such awesome foodie hosts and bringing me to Ping's. The food was delicious and very affordable for brunch. Hooray for Yum Cha!

Ping's Restaurant
8302 Queens Boulevard
Elmhurst, NY 11373

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