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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Givenchy Chain-Detail Jelly Sandals

This past weekend's rush of beautiful Spring weather got me thinking about sandals. So of course what do I do? I search online for options! Saw my new love, the Givenchy Chain-Detail Jelly sandals on the computer screen and fell in love. Like a fiend- I made the call, put them on hold and rushed to the store right after work and got there right before closing time. Once I put them on, it just felt right and it was a match made in heaven. I had to go with the all black just because it goes with everything, but they do also come in a grey/taupe color which also looks really nice. My great new impulse buy and my first pair of zhee-vawn-she's! Do you dig them? How could you not?

LINK: Saks Fifth Avenue

UPDATED 4/15/10:
Dearest Riccardo Tisci,
You have failed me. As much as I was excited and loved (note past tense) this season's jelly sandals- it cracked on my 2nd day of wearing them. What an utter disappointment to have to bring them back to the store. I didn't have the urge to exchange them for a new one because I was afraid it would crack on me again so I had no choice but to say good bye and get my money back. Just as a suggestion, please source better raw materials for next year. Maybe I won't mind spending over $230 if you can make my shoe experience last a little bit longer. I still love you though....

Disgruntled Consumer,
Aimee Astillero


  1. howd these fit i just got a pair and theyre a size 38 ARE THEY SMALL RUNNING?

  2. The new Chain-Detail Jelly Sandals is so PERFECT, I love it!! The Sandals sentimental value to them, which makes them even better!
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