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Friday, December 18, 2009

Guess Who's Bizzack?!

I'm all for self-growth. Sometimes it's really important to take some time off to reflect on life, prioritize and search for inspiration. My homeboy Jose Perdomo left NY for Florida awhile ago just when I really got to know him. It was really sad to let him go but despite how much I was going to miss him being around I knew it would be for the better. Finally, here he is back in the scene with the birth of his new portfolio cleverly named, alifesupreme.com and finally returning to NY in February. YAY! Peep his talent as he delivers some dope and refreshing eye candy (with more to come I'm sure). Glad to have you back real soon, we f'n missed you! Can't wait to roam the streets with you and the crew once again! Big things for 2010. Thanks for the inspiration as always Josie!

LINK: alifesupreme.com  & itsirrelevant.wordpress.com

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