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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Cupcake War: Team Edward VS Team Jacob

Went to Crumbs Bakery by the Garment District today to pick up some cupcakes and lookie lookie at what I see! The Twilight Eclipse cupcakes! Priced at $4 (a bit more than the average price of their cupcakes). Come get them while it's hot! Who wins the cupcake war? Team Edward with a vanilla cake and vanilla frosting with white and yellow sugar sand or Team Jacob with a chocolate cake and chocolate frosting with more chocolate shavings? Ladies, who do you pick? 
I chose:

Team Edward all the way! DUH! Reason being, I love vanilla cake and he has less calories than Jacob. Haha! What, did you think I was going to give in to Jacob just because he's made out of chocolate goodness? As tempted as I was- No freakin' way! I'll pick the pasty vanilla frosting instead. (pause)

Just took a bite out of my Edward cupcake and it was DELISH! Didn't even know there was raspberry preserves inside... which made it even more yummy!

Link: Crumbs

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