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Monday, October 4, 2010

DESSERT: Homemade Tomato Soup Cupcake With Mascarpone Frosting

So on Friday my boss tells me about this Tomato Soup Cupcake with Mascarpone Frosting recipe that she has. She's really into making 'healthy' desserts that taste good (she gave me some tasty Lentil Cookies before). First thing on my mind when I heard the words 'tomato' and 'cupcake' was that this gnarly combo definitely won't mix well together. I asked her to bring me a cupcake when she finally bakes it out of curiosity. Anyway, she proved me wrong today. Tomato Soup Cupcake isn't bad at all! When I took my first bite I was hesitant but when it reached my taste buds I kept wanting to eat more. The best part is that my boss forgot to tell that it was made with whole wheat flour and apple sauce was used as a substitute instead of sugar before I ate it! The dessert just got healthier in my opinion... The verdict? It definitely tastes like tomato BUT the flavor is very subtle. Just imagine eating a carrot cake-- you can taste the carrots, you know it has carrots but you know it tastes good so you keep on eating it! Anyway, the cake itself has the consistency of a loaf rather than a cupcake but I blame it on the whole wheat flour. I think it could be fluffier and moist if she used regular flour and a little more baking soda to help it rise in the oven. I didn't taste the apple sauce but you can taste some sweetness to the cake. The Mascarpone frosting was delish... simple, smooth, sweet and creamy. I like this type of frosting better than cream cheese frosting so it made the dessert even better. Overall, this home made Tomato Soup Cupcake came out excellent. I think I found a new substitute to Carrot Cake.. HA! Lesson learned is don't underestimate ingredients in desserts because it's endless! I wonder when my boss will make another batch... heheh!

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