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Friday, January 22, 2010

Cooking With Suki: Japanese Omu-rice

After work, I decided to head on over to Greenpoint, BK to catch up with darling homegirl Suki Sayaka. She offered to cook me dinner (she knows how to win my heart) but at the same time I was skeptical. Does she really know how to cook and what the hell am I going to eat? HAHA. As we walked to the grocery she explained that she will be cooking a Japanese dish called, "Omu-rice" (or Omu-raisu) which is an omelet + fried rice. Interesting I thought. Never heard of the dish even though Japanese food is my fave. I'm always brave enough to try something new so I was looking forward to eat Sayaka's home cooked meal.   

To prep, Suki cut her vegetables which consisted of minced garlic, onion, green bell pepper and carrots. She also diced some salt and pepper marinated chicken breast to add some protein in our meal. 

She sauté her diced chicken breast in garlic and olive oil until it was brown and fully cooked. When finished, she set the protein aside to cool. 

Next, she sauté her mixed vegetables in olive oil and added some salt and crushed black pepper.

Suki grabbed another clean pan and drizzled some olive oil. She stir fry three cups of mixed white and brown rice with a little bit of ketchup.
TIP: When making fried rice, it's good to use rice that is about a day old because all the moisture is soaked up. Also when cooking rice, it would be good to add a bouillon cube as it cooks for more flavor. 

Next, she placed her ketchup rice in a big bowl, added her cooked diced chicken and sautee'd veggies and mixed it all together. After mixing, she set it aside to cool.

Then she beat a mixture with two eggs, splash of milk, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Next, cook the egg omelet in a pan.

Then, grab a plate, place some of the mixed rice onto the plate and somewhat shape it like a mound. 

Next, place the cooked omelet on top of the rice.

Then add some ketchup! It just so happens she wanted to have some fun and spelled my name out. :P 
NOTE: Ketchup is optional if you like. 

Then repeat the last 5 steps for every person's dish! Japanese Omu-Rice!! YAY! 
NOTE: This was her room mate Tod(d)'s plate. We didn't have room to add another "D". Sorry dude!

So after tasting Suki's Japanese Omu-rice, I am now a fan. I've concluded that 1)Suki can cook and 2) I'm coming over for dinner more often! haha. Thanks to Sayaka for an amazing dinner and fun times! Until next time...

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