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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sweet and Salty Bugles?

Check out these gnarly "Sweet & Salty" Bugles combo!  Saw them at a convenience store in Pennsylvania. When I think of Bugles, I think of the red bag of funnel shaped corn chips that I loved when I was younger. I don't know man, corn chips with chocolate and peanut butter? or caramel? Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Chocolate Chex Mix or the Turtles Chex Mix but I think it's because there's a mix of different flavors. If I want to go salty, I'll eat the pretzel or if I wanted something sweet, I'll eat the caramel popcorn. The Chex Mix gives you flavor options whereas these Sweet & Salty Bugles give you corn chips mixed in with some sweet. Eek! Well, to each its own right? Unfortunately we were in a rush and I didn't get to buy the two bags, just snapped a quick iPhone pic. Weird flavor combos just intrigue me. Gnarly flavors are huge in Japan and not so much in the US- so when I see snacks like this, I take interest. Have you tried any of these flavors? If so- let me know! I will try to look for them in the NY area. Like all snacks, I'd give it a try. FYI, each bag is $1.99.  

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